On Hiatus

15 Feb

I really put this blog on hiatus in December, but I didn’t get the chance to post this until now, which kind of gives you an idea of how much free time I have right now.

John deployed to Afghanistan in November, and I’m still working full time, so every free moment is dedicated to the baby. I love spending time with him, so it wasn’t hard to give up crafting, but I do miss it some times. It was nice to get away and just create.

I started up a Mommy blog, when John left, because it’s a lot easier to blog about what you’ve done, then it is to do something worth blogging about.

In the meantime, I’m thinking about what I want  to do with this space, and am researching on how to move blogs over to my domain. So, when I come back, things’ll be really different around here! I’m hoping that this time off will help me realize which areas of craft I’m really passionate about, so I can focus on those and get really good at them, instead of being a jack of all trades, master of none.

I think this break will be good for me, and I’ll see you guys later! Feel free to follow along with what’s going on with me on the Mommy blog!


How to Make Infant Legwarmers from Ankle Socks

18 Oct

Why is it that it always takes me like 3 weeks to settle in once something changes in my life? And it always results in a blog break. Ah, well.

You may remember, a while back, that I wanted to participate in the Kid’s Clothing Week Challenge. I knew that there was no way I was going to make a different item every day, but I wanted to at least make one thing for S. I ended up choosing one of Prudent Baby’s tutorials, Baby legwarmers from a pair of socks. I had to modify it though, since the tutorial seemed like it was for larger babies/toddlers.

And so, I present to you, my tutorial for infant leg warmers from ankle socks!

Since this was the first time I was trying out this tutorial, I didn’t want to invest in really fancy socks, so I got this pair of socks at the dollar store.

1. Cut off the toes and discard.

2. Fold over the edges twice & sew to cover the rough edge.

3. Try the legwarmers on your baby to see if the top part fits. CAREFULLY make note of how big your little ones ankles/calves are & where you need to sew on the bottom. I drew on my picture to better illustrate where the stitches would go. The left sock hasn’t been sewn or cut yet, the right one has.

4. Cut along the seam in the ankle. Turn sock inside out and pinch opening closed until the ankle part is pretty much gone. Sew opening closed and trim of excess, so there is a straight(ish) tube. Left sock above has only been cut & the right one as been cut and sewn.

5. There will be a seam running up the back of the legging and another one running across the top under the elastic, but these never bothered me because the top seam gets tucked under his knee and they’re both in the back, so they aren’t really noticeable.

But that’s it! Pretty quick little infant legwarmers from ankle socks. I love seeing S hang out in them. I was surprised how warm they keep his feet. He doesn’t even need socks a lot of the time! (When we’re in the house, of course.)

If you make some for your little one, I’d love to see them!

Vote for my Gerber Baby!

5 Oct

Hello! One week I couldn’t find my card reader for my camera, and then the week after that was spent getting everything ready so I could return back to work, and now I’m back at work. *sigh* I miss my baby.

I entered S in a Gerber baby search, and he only has three votes so far! Will you vote for him? You can vote for him once a day. They ask for your email address, but it’s just so they can send you an email with a link so you can confirm your vote.

Although tedious, as a webmaster, I approve of this form of online voting because it makes it harder for people to hack into the system. Just saying.

Lunch break over, talk to you guys later!

Fashion Friday #1

17 Sep

I think on Fridays I’m going to try and post an outfit photo that features at least one item I bought second hand. Sometimes they’ll be vintage, sometimes not. Buying second hand is important to me. Not only does it save me money (whoo!) but it helps the environment by reducing the demand on new items.

I bought myself a mini tripod so I can take outfit photos now, whoo!

This is the other dress I had as an option to wear for my anniversary dinner with John. You know, the one that NO ONE voted for? LOL. Well, I like it a lot and I’m guessing it just doesn’t photograph well on the hanger. I had to give it some love today.

This isn’t the best photo to show it, but it has a cool print of houses and city streets and things like that. I’m pretty sure it is vintage, but I don’t know how old. The tag says “Crocodile Ladies” but I wasn’t able to find anything about that brand online.

Dress – Vintage from Salvation Army (1/2 off!)
Tights – Target (clearance last year)
Shoes – Target

My Creative Space – 09.16.10

16 Sep

… Is hard to photograph right now. Hand sewing by laptop light – bad for the eyes, good enough for getting things done!

View the rest here.

The Pyrex Collective

15 Sep

I was originally going to post this here, asking if anyone knew about this piece; if it was Pyrex, etc, but then I found The Pyrex Collective, and a post that included a lid just like mine!

I thought the idea of a group of people blogging about Pyrex was so cool, and I wanted IN! So I emailed Erin asking if I could join, and she said yes! I wrong my first post yesterday detailing how my Pyrex love* started, and going into the “history” of this piece.


*Weird that I love Pyrex, but never posted about it here, right? Well, that’s because this summer is the ONLY time I’ve ever found Pyrex while thrifting, despite keeping my eye out for it for YEARS, and I haven’t blogged about those pieces yet.

Happy Anniversary!

14 Sep

John and I have been married two years today. You can read about our first anniversary here.

I’m so grateful to actually be with John today. He is going to try to get out of work early (which is still 5pm, lol) and we’re going to go out to a nice dinner.

I am torn between two dresses I want to wear, and I need your help deciding! Please leave a comment picking one of the dresses below, and note that I’m on the hunt for a cropped sweater like the red one to wear with the pastel dress. Thanks!

Despite them looking very different on the hanger, both dresses have about the same shape once on me. (Both dresses are fitted at the top, and have a-line skirts.) The red has a racer back, and the pastel one has a fuller skirt.

PS: Thanks for the reminder, facebook! (lol)

Kids’ Clothing Week.

13 Sep

I think I’m going to try to participate in Kid’s clothing week over at elsie marley.

I’m going to try at least one of the following tutorials I found over at Prudent Baby:

Non-clothes items I want to try at some time:

I love Prudent Baby.

Watertown Farmer’s Market

10 Sep

On Wednesday, S and I went to the farmer’s market while we were in Watertown. It’s weird to me that they have theirs in the middle of the day, in the middle of the week (it goes until 3pm every Wednesday until October.) but tons of people are always there.

It was really nice, but super windy. I think some of the vendors had left by the time we got there, and a few were sitting in  bare-bones booths. But we still found the standard market stuff:



And an unhealthy lunch to balance out those veggies I didn’t buy. (Also, how did I not take any pictures of fruit???)

The only thing I bought was some fudge. Like I said in my last post, we got a little fudge at the fair. John was like “Where do people even buy fudge when they’re NOT at the fair?” Well, I saw a fudge booth at the farmer’s market today and bought some. THAT is where you buy fudge when you’re not at the fair. 🙂

My Creative Space – 09.09.10

9 Sep

I’m going to try to add a picture of my creative space every Thursday along with everyone else. We’ll see how it goes!

My creative space is all about hand sewing lately. I posted this photo on the facebook page on Tuesday. Do you like the blog? Like it on fb!

PS: It’s my dad’s birthday today! Happy birthday, Dad!