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Wall Hanging Progress

31 Jan

I made note of a kitchen wall hanging in a previous post, and it’s coming along quite well. Yesterday I ironed all the pieces (although the back part of it just refused to lay flat.) and I started the appliqués while I was watching TV. Side note: ironing scares me very much. And yesterday I used the steaming option. Which is much more scary.

Today I finished the second appliqué during lunch. I sewed in the break room, and must of answered the question “What are you making” a thousand times. LOL. It got to the point where people who were in the room with me would answer FOR ME when someone else asked!

Here is a little hint of what the wall hanging will look like:


Walk in the snow

30 Jan

I left work a little after 3:30 today, and was amazed that the sun was still up when I got home. To celebrate, I took a walk. Which is unusual for me not only because of the sunlight, but because I’m usually like OMGCOLDMUSTGOINSIDE.

1. This is the bridge I usually go under to get to the walking paths. The ground was frozen so I had to walk along the edge of it.

2. The tunnel wasn’t the only thing frozen.

3. Standing on a different bridge, looking out on the other side of the lake.

4. Bench just over the bridge.

5. Sad little lonely birds’ nest.

6. View of the bridge standing by the bench.

7. Ice through tree branches.

8. The last bits of fall.

9. What can I say, I’m a goof. Haha my nose is all red. It really felt like my cheeks should have been more red too.

10. This baby pine tree was so cute!

11. It was too cold to walk all the way over to the other bridge, so I just snapped a picture of it.

I wish it showed up better, but the later shots had snow bustling all about in them. It was really cool! When I upload bigger versions to my flickr you’ll be able to see them then.

Craft Night: The Results

29 Jan

Last night was so fun! First, Jessica and I went to her house and made pasta and mini quiches. Yum! Then, her cousin and cousin’s cousin (lol) came over and we chatted a bit before going out. Here is what we made at craft night:

1. This was the first thing I made. She’s a spider with pigtails! The light in the lounge was very dim, so I was proud that she came out matching. Her body is one of those wooden ice cream spoons, wrapped in pipe cleaners that also serve as the legs. Her head is a poof with googly eyes attached, and yarn glued on. I had to stick some buttons on her butt because she was too front heavy and kept tipping over, lol. I couldn’t find a white button though, so sad.

2. Jessica started out making herself, but it quickly turned into a can-can dancer. This isn’t a good picture of it at all; it’s actually very cool looking. She has a black top, purple feather dress, and beads for the hands and feet. She is mostly made of pipe cleaners wrapped around a chop stick. Clever!

3. Jessica’s cousin (Liz? I forget.) made her initials and her boyfriends wrapped around a heart. So sweet!

4. Jessica’s cousin’s cousin (but not related to Jessica) made a person out of a pipe cleaner. You can see the legs and arms, and head (notice the white spiky hair!) in the picture. She was very proud of him. It reminds me of when my art history teacher in college used to call everything “childlike,” and it was the ULTIMATE compliment.

5. This was the second thing I made. It is just a simple pin made of a safety pin, pipe cleaner, and beads. I’m wearing it on my jeans today.

All of my pictures came out so bright! Heh, I blame the darkness of the lounge. My flash had to over compensate!

PS: I updated my Flickr today.  Lots of bigger versions of some of the pictures you’ve seen here.

Being Social!

28 Jan

Tonight I am going to this lounge with a friend from work and possibly her roommate because it’s craft night! How funny is this? I’ve never heard of a lounge holding a craft night. They’re slogan for it is “Beer + Glue = Stupid fun” and while I won’t be drinking any beer, (yuck) I do plan on gluing whatever they’ve got for me to stick together. This is an adventure for me; new place, new people, new concept! Fun!

I’m bringing my camera with me, so hopefully I will have funny pictures to show you guys tomorrow.


27 Jan

Man today flew by! John and I saw Cloverfield, which I DO NOT suggest any one sees if they get motion sickness. It even made John a little sick. Afterwards, we ran some errands.

When I got home, I started working on the wall hanging for the kitchen. I am LOVING how it’s coming out. I was planning on scanning one corner as a “tease,” but it seems I never plugged my scanner in when we moved. And it’s too late now to go fishing for wires in the wire box in the basement. So for now, I’ll have to leave you with the closest version of the cherry fabric I could find online:

The hanging is made of that cherry fabric, plain red fabric, red fabric that has boxes on it, black fabric, and a little bit of green to accent the stems & leaves. Good night!

Day off

26 Jan

Hey guys, I’m going to take a break today.  John and I are settling in for a nice day together.  Won’t really have to worry about not being able to take pictures if I take the day off, right?

See you tomorrow!

Weekend, Huzzah!

25 Jan

I don’t know what I’m going to do about photos this weekend…I forgot my camera at work. 😦 I spent the better part of my time after work doing dishes. We had a lot, heh. I need to finish cleaning the kitchen and doing a lot of laundry tomorrow and Sunday. I also want to make a wall hanging for the kitchen that has pockets in it, so I can eliminate some of the paper clutter on the kitchen table and coffee table in the living room. It’ll give me a good excuse to use some of the cherry fabric I’ve been hording.

And, so this isn’t text only, here is a picture of the photo wall in the living room. I bought most of the frames from the dollar store, and am glad to finally have them all coordinating. I probably should have made sure they were all straight before I snapped the picture though. Ah well! 🙂