Christmas Photo Dump!

2 Jan

I’m on my lunch break now, which means I have access to a card reader, which means I can upload and edit my holiday photos! Although I didn’t make any presents this year, I did some other crafty things that I normally don’t do.

1. I made these little guys for mine and John’s first tree together. They’re made out of embroidery floss and the bodies came from a close pin people set, which is why they have a stand that I used as the feet. LOTS of glue needed for this project!

2. Since John and I were going to be spending Christmas down in Florida, we didn’t really see the point in getting a full sized tree. (Usually we get a real one every year.) But I couldn’t stand the idea of not having a tree at all, so we bought a 3ft. tree from Wal-Mart. It already had lights on it, score!

3. Misc. ornaments. I’m Irish (well, American-Irish) and love frogs.

4. When we got down to Florida, my mom said that she couldn’t find the angel that she made in second grade. This angel has been on the top of the Christmas tree for most of her Christmases, and all of mine. So, I decided that we (my siblings and I) should make her a new one. The angel & people are hand painted and made out of wood.

5. The little people in the front represent my sister, myself, and my brother. They are not by any means arranged by age. If they were, it should be my brother, myself (I’m the middle child by 6 minutes!) and my sister. But because my sister is left handed, she decided that she should be on the left, and that my brother should be in the center so it would go girl-boy-girl, lol. My mom loved it.

6. I guess the store was out of gingerbread houses, so my mom bought a gingerbread train, ha! This was the first gingerbread ANYTHING I’d made since I was a child.

7. My Mom and I. That icing was so hard to squeeze out of the tube!

8. (Mom’s hand) We tried to cut the cookies out on the table, but they didn’t transfer well, so we cut them out on the cookie sheet itself.

9. I think we made the dough too thick, because they baked really fat. So we ended up re-cutting them out once they had cooked!

10. The comparison between cookie cutter & what ended up baking, lol.

11. Decorated cookies! We bought icing in a spray can, that came out like mouse does, but it came out reallyreally fast. It was hard to control!

12. We were on sweets overload!

13. We also baked cupcakes with hearts of Jam. I love these so much and want to make a million more, but John doesn’t like jam and I can’t eat that many!

14. John and I went to Cracker Barrel and they had their Christmas decorations 70% off! I didn’t see anything that I wanted, until I found these for 60 cents each!

15. I’ve been trying to stick with a “looks (or actually is) handmade” rule when buying ornaments this year, and I can’t wait to make them! I’ll be sure to post the results. The Santa ones have bells!

Happy New Year from Colleen, John, Dune, and Twilight. Yay 2008!


4 Responses to “Christmas Photo Dump!”

  1. craftycarolinagirl January 3, 2008 at 3:59 pm #

    Wow, you are great at baking. Your gingerbread train and heart shaped cupcakes are awesome!

    Can’t wait to see how the Christmas ornaments turn out. The little penguins are so cute! And ins’t Cracker Barrel the best? I love that place.


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