Sketch Day!

4 Jan

I worked kinda late last night, and then John and I went to the grocery store, so I didn’t really have time for crafting. But I did sketch! I digitally colored the sketches in so they didn’t blend in so much with the background… I sketch in a sketch book with plain white pages, lol.

1. There are more of these, but they’re a secret. I hope to have them ready for Valentine’s Day – so cute!!! I don’t know what they will be though… Key chains? Plushies? Pillows? Cell phone decorations? Who knows!

2. This is the sketch that ended up being Take One & Two.

Just a quick blog for today, I have to get back to work! When I get home I hope to finish one of the curtains for the living room. Those things are taking FOREVER! I need (NEED) to find white fabric with dark green polka dots on them, but I don’t know where to look. I’ve never bought fabric online before. (Well, except for ebay.) How do you know who is reliable?! I’d need about 6 yards of it. 😦 Curtains are such a pain, but I want to do the polka dot part right. (Which means proper blackout lining.) The part I’m working on now is just the front part of my plan. Oh why must I make things so complicated? Hahaha probably because John like things super simple. I must rebel! I will not have a plain house!

This still counts as a short blog, right? 😉


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