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Meet Coco

7 Jan

You guys have never met Coco before! Here’s her back story: I wanted a Blythe doll, but couldn’t justify the cost for one. So I scoured the internet for some other kind of Japanese doll that I liked just as much. And one day, I found her, in a Blythe forum no less! Do I snatched her up for a measly $30. Her joints are a little loose, but that’s ok to me!

1. This is Coco and her boyfriend, Dwight. He’s moved on from Angela.

2. Coco staring out the window, wishing she could enjoy the beautiful 50+ degree weather outside. It has been crazy warm this week. I didn’t even wear a coat to work; just a sweater!

3. Coco riding the Oscar Mayer Weenie Mobile bean bag that I rescued from promotions. They were going to throw this out, can you believe it?!

4. Coco supporting herself on the walls next to a drawing of myself I drew. I wanted it too look like the wind from the vents below her were blowing her up, up and away, but….yeah, it doesn’t.

5. Caught in the act of changing the song on my iPod, lol.

6. This set has absolutely nothing to do with Coco. I came back from a meeting to find this box on my desk. The tag said “To Colleen, From Nicole.” I don’t know a Nicole here. My old boss was named Nicole, but if she was going to send me something from Miami, it would have to be in a postage box, not a cute fabric takeout box. So wth? Very random. There is only one Nicole that works here, and I only know that because there is a Nicole on the phone sheet. So, not exactly the kind of person who I’d expect to get a present from. Inside the takeout box was a white snowflake and a “diamond” paperweight.

7. This is the view of my office through the paperweight.

8. The snowflake ornament over the purple tissue paper it came in.

Yesterday, Amy left me a link about a craft show that’s going on in Rochester! I’m going to have to look at the things I have made already, because the show is February 2nd. If I can make it to the show, I might have to delay the shop opening until March. 😦 Or maybe just have a Mid-February opening. We’ll see.

That’s all for now, I’m going to head home and work on those curtains some more!