So tiiiired

8 Jan

I swear I had a million meetings today. They’re so draining! But I have survived, and it is almost the end of the day, so hurray!

1. This is a museum near work. They have a butterfly house in it, and I want to check it out reallyreally badly! This was taken through an open car window as I drove by.

2. A mess up shot that turned out kinda cool.

3. Dune wanted to go outside when I got home, so I let him out for a bit.

4. Afterwards, John and I went on a walk because it was so nice out. We wore our ankle weights to get the most out of the walk. His are 10lbs, mine are 5lbs. I could have walked with 10lbs ones, but they hurt the top of my foot too much. Wuss.

5. John swears there is a face in this tree. I don’t see it.

6. There was a cool fog around that you can’t see in the photo. It made everything eerie.

7. This is the outfit I wore yesterday. My sister bought me the top for Christmas, and I was wearing heels OMG! Taken in the bathroom at work. I do not have a full length mirror at home.

8. The little bit of sewing I did on my lunch break. Such bright colors!

9. What I am wearing today. My jeans got muddy on the walk, so I threw a load in, but forgot to put them in the dryer when I first woke up. I didn’t have any dry jeans, so I had to wear business clothes. Heals x2 days?! Hell must have frozen over.

Also this looks very interesting. I don’t know if I have enough readers yet to do a giveaway though! Oh! And I found out who Nicole was. Now I feel bad that I didn’t know her name. I am a horrible person.


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