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Doll clothes

10 Jan

I made Coco a dress! I used a Blythe pattern, and I guess their torsos are a little shorter that hers. It’s really more of a tunic top. I might also add darts to the front to make it more fitted. Either way, this girl needs some jeans now! I have a feeling that pattern has legs that are too short.

1. The front of the dress. I’m not too crazy about the fabric, but I didn’t want to use material I was in love with for the first try. Which was a good decision too, since I messed up reading the pattern. It was such a basic pattern I’m almost ashamed of how I messed it up. So now I have two right side halves of the dress because I didn’t notice it said “place on fold.” Which means my dress has a seam in the center that’s not supposed to be there.

2. The back of the dress. I can’t find my snaps so it’s held closed with pins for now. 😦 I’m going to add decorative details when I get home like a pocket and some vintage ric rac.

3. See how short it is?! The poor girl can’t even sit! My co-worker, Sean, called her a tramp. lol!
4. She has to kind of sit-stand to keep her dignity. 😦

I think I’ve found a new craft obsession. These things don’t take any time to make, and I love that. I think I spent 2 hours on this, with all my mess ups.