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Finally Friday

11 Jan

I am so glad it is Friday. I am sick of work. Wow. After two weeks of vacation, and then coming back for a little less than two weeks at work, and I’m ready for another vacation. Don’t get me wrong; I love my job, it’s just a lot to deal with some times. A weekend will be a fine substitute for a vacation.

I worked on Coco’s dress last night and this morning for a couple hours. (One hour yesterday, one today.) It now has velcro closings, (I couldn’t find the snaps) and ric rac on the bottom. Tonight I want to see if a pink collar and pink pleats at the bottom somehow make it look less busy. And the pleats/ruffles will make the dress longer, which is good.

Since I don’t have anything to photograph, here is what I wore for Halloween last year. I was Pam from the Halloween episode of “The Office” from when she was a cat. Nothing particularly crafty about it, but I think it came out well.