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Wedding Stuff

12 Jan

John and I did a lot of research on weddings today. It’s hard to find a location for the ceremony & reception that would be good for us because we only plan on having about 30 guests, and a lot of placed require a minimum of 100. I don’t even think I know 100 people, lol. I would love for our wedding to take place here. Their website is not that good though. I wonder if they would trade a nice website for a nice wedding… hmmm. That would be great. We’re also liking The Green Lantern Inn for a reception location. Ignoring that it sounds like the comic book character, of course. We have a bunch of links saved though, so these are by no means our final choices.

In crafting news, I finished Coco’s dress today. Sorry for the lack of pictures today, but I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to post a picture. All I added was the vintage ric rac and a pink collar. That collar was a pain to sew though; it was so tiny!