Congratulations Banner

14 Jan

1. Today was John’s first day at his new job, so to celebrate, I made him this banner. I hung it up right by the kitchen so it would be the first thing he sees when he comes into the house. I hope he likes it. The little heart has a message on it. The banner is made out of scrapbooking paper I had laying around my studio. Very fall-like colors, I think. Which is definatly how it’s been feeling lately! Well, it did snow a tiny bit last night, but the snow didn’t stick.

2. I was inspired by someone’s craft fair banner that I saw on, although I’m not sure who’s it is anymore. Sorry I can’t post a link! 😦 I just saved the picture. I modified the design a little, flipping the triangles around and using two lines of string so they didn’t slide all over the place. I had to make the letters go in an up and down kinda style because they wouldn’t have fit in the doorway otherwise!

3. Nothing to do with the banner, but this is my lunch today. I’m pretty sure pizza isn’t what you’re supposed to eat with slim fast, lol!


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    […] It would seem that I am all about the banners lately! It’s just that when I took down the congratulations banner I made John, the doorway looked so sad! So I had to make it a Valentine’s Day one! AND it was […]

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