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I <3 The Office

17 Jan

I was feeling sluggish and bored as my work day drew to a close, and this email totally cheered me up. Thank you, “The Office”/NBC. Although I wonder who wrote it, I’m glad it came into my inbox. 🙂

I would *so* go ice skating with Jim & Pam.


Sketch Day!

17 Jan

Another sketch day is upon us. I was working on making these sketches a reality when John suggested I make them smaller. I thought he was right, so I stopped working. Luckily I had only cut out the stencils, so it’s not like I lost that much time. Anyway, now the sketch!

Haha more, girls! But they’re facing the front this time. What a concept! This is just a tease. I don’t want to spoil what the dolls will look like!

PS: I am wearing the pink earrings from Kristi today!