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Dolly Failure :(

20 Jan

I slept in a little today, (until 10:30, I think) but got a lot done anyway. I sewed the first prototype of one of the sketches I posted the other day. She didn’t turn out that well, but I learned a lot from her, so I think the next one will be better. I didn’t bother with any of the decorative stitching though… I didn’t think it was worth investing the time. Poor thing. She’s really really small. I just remembered I’d been carrying her around in my robe pocket!

After I finished the doll I organized my studio, putting some of my My Little Ponies on the top shelf above my drafting table. And then I got the bug to hunt for the bear family.

There are six members of the bear family: John, Colleen, Aileen, Sean, Dune, and Twilight Bear. LOL. John and I are so dumb sometimes. “John Bear” was given to me by who else for our first Valentine’s Day way back in high school. I remember walking the hallways so proud that I had something to show that someone loved me. A couple months after that, John got really sick and was stuck in bed for a while. One day I went to his house and handed him what looked like the bear he’d given me. He was very confused and told me that, no, he’d given ME the bear and that I should keep it. That’s when I smiled and told him that my bear was at home. This was “Colleen Bear.” Aaaand, eventually the bears beat us to having kids. And two “cats.” Well, they didn’t beat us to having the cats, but you get the idea. Aileen and Sean are the names we’ve picked out for our unborn, unconcieved children. This is the Bear family. 🙂

I also organized the socks today. I hate organizing socks. So much so, that when I do a wash & everything has been dried, I separate all the socks and put them in a grocery bag. I add more and more socks to the bag until we run out of socks all together. Only THEN do I sort the socks. And we still get ones without mates. It’s bizarre.