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Craft Night: The Results

29 Jan

Last night was so fun! First, Jessica and I went to her house and made pasta and mini quiches. Yum! Then, her cousin and cousin’s cousin (lol) came over and we chatted a bit before going out. Here is what we made at craft night:

1. This was the first thing I made. She’s a spider with pigtails! The light in the lounge was very dim, so I was proud that she came out matching. Her body is one of those wooden ice cream spoons, wrapped in pipe cleaners that also serve as the legs. Her head is a poof with googly eyes attached, and yarn glued on. I had to stick some buttons on her butt because she was too front heavy and kept tipping over, lol. I couldn’t find a white button though, so sad.

2. Jessica started out making herself, but it quickly turned into a can-can dancer. This isn’t a good picture of it at all; it’s actually very cool looking. She has a black top, purple feather dress, and beads for the hands and feet. She is mostly made of pipe cleaners wrapped around a chop stick. Clever!

3. Jessica’s cousin (Liz? I forget.) made her initials and her boyfriends wrapped around a heart. So sweet!

4. Jessica’s cousin’s cousin (but not related to Jessica) made a person out of a pipe cleaner. You can see the legs and arms, and head (notice the white spiky hair!) in the picture. She was very proud of him. It reminds me of when my art history teacher in college used to call everything “childlike,” and it was the ULTIMATE compliment.

5. This was the second thing I made. It is just a simple pin made of a safety pin, pipe cleaner, and beads. I’m wearing it on my jeans today.

All of my pictures came out so bright! Heh, I blame the darkness of the lounge. My flash had to over compensate!

PS: I updated my Flickr today.  Lots of bigger versions of some of the pictures you’ve seen here.