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My Cats Are So Weird

29 Feb

My cats have the weirdest eating habits. They seriously do this every day. I took pictures today so that I could show this to you:

1. See? It is possible for them both to eat out of the same dish at the same time.

2. But Dune always eats a little and then walks away. (See him in the top left corner?)

3. Then, he comes back…

4. …And Twilight goes away.

5. Rinse.

6. Repeat. So weird!



28 Feb

Nothing impressive today. I used to eat fried bologna sandwiches all the time when I was little, and I was craving it last night. But alas, no bologna! So I decided to see if fried ham was any good. And it is! I should have added more ham, but it was still good. Live and learn I guess.

Home for my Minis

27 Feb

A while back, my mom bought some of the shelves I wanted from Linen N’ Things. When they came, I was so excited! Finally! My minis (vintage and new glass-wear) would have a home! John and I put them up right away.  Man though, did it take forever! The screws that came with it were too big to fit into the holes…isn’t that weird? So we had to use our own. But we got them up, and I think they look great.

I originally didn’t plan to have two of the same plates on display, but the plate stands I bought were too big for the other small plates I had, so I placed them in the diamond. I need to buy a smaller plate stand and something to mount the other plate in the center of the diamond.

A lot of it came from my Grandmother’s house. I like having little things scattered about my house that remind me of them. That tea cup to the right is my favorite; it’s so delicate! I was afraid it was going to break while we brought it to FL…and then back up to NY. And the black tea cup is cool because of the people inside it. So cute.


26 Feb

Here are some of the flowers I embroidered on my datebook cover. I’m kinda disappointed that they don’t show up more, but I guess that’s what I get for picking pretty much the same colors that are already on the fabric. I tried a mix of things; all of the flower covered, part of it, just the outline…and it all blends in. The fabric is probably too busy for embellishing anyway. Guess that’s why people always do designs on plain fabric. I need to buy some navy thread and some of the yellow-green. Maybe more of a mix will help.

The cover was kind of loose to begin with since I didn’t pull the flaps as tightly as I should have before I sewed them, and now it’s a little lumpy because of all the knots and loose threads ends under it. It’s not really bad, but I notice it. Then again, I notice EVERYTHING when it comes to something I make.

I started another project today, but it failed miserably. I stopped before going too far with it, so I’m hoping to be able to save it after some research. I’ll keep you updated.

Another Thing Off My List

25 Feb

Hooray! Another thing off my list. I’ve also spent quite a bit of time going over some of the flowers in embroidery thread, but I guess I haven’t taken a picture of it yet. Ah well, I’ll do it tomorrow.

This was a super simple project, and involved very little sewing. Basically, I did the same thing I used to do in middle school for my school books, but with fabric instead of a paper grocery bag. The only sewing I did was to close up the edge of each end (the flaps) and to secure the folds with embroidery thread (pictured). That was it! I left the inside edges raw since you can’t see them, and just pressed them flat with my iron.

This fabric was a remnant from Wal-Mart that I got for something like 45 cents. And I only used half of it! Awesome. I like the colors and how it looks like it could be from the 60s. It has a nice texture to it as well. Yay book cover!

Real Post To Follow

25 Feb

Pretty much the whole web department is sick.

Quote of the day from Sean, my co-worker: “I’m pretty sure we can get both Matt and Laurie sick if we are in the same room with them.”

LOL, he might be right. Matt, our boss, told us both to finish up whatever we are currently working on and go home because we “look like crap. Seriously.”

The Blogasphere has Blogger’s Block!

22 Feb

I guess I’m taking a slightly unannounced break until Monday. I had too much work to do over the week, and the cold that I was trying to ignore finally caught up to me. I’m home from work today, but will most likely be asleep the whole time. Maybe I’ll do a little hand embroidery.

Is it wrong that I feel better about this sudden lapse in entries since it seems like a lot of other blogs are suffering the same? This week a lot of people took breaks. Must be something in the air. See you Monday.