Finally Finished!

3 Feb

I finished the wall hanging for the kitchen today in between commercials during the game which shall not be named or you will get sued. Before the half time show even! I love how it came out. The only critique I have on it is that one of the pockets (the real estate one) sags a bit because it’s the heaviest. I kinda fixed it by putting an extra thumbtack above the pocket for support. So I guess if I ever make another one of these I’ll have to figure out a way to give it more support. I hung a little cherry painting I bought a while ago above it, and the little section is so cute!

Unfortunately, I still don’t have an upload cable at the house. So I have to wait until my lunch break tomorrow to borrow the card reader from promotions to upload the pictures of the hanging. Until then, here is a picture of this cute little deer clock my mom got me from a flea market in FL:

I love it so much! It’s so tiny! In the picture it’s hanging from the strap on a purse John’s mom got me for Christmas.

Oh, and on a not so random note (as it still has to do with the kitchen) Amy posted a blog that featured this house that she thrifted. I love this house! I want a long version for my kitchen to go on the wall behind the table. It will hold all of the small tea cups and plates that I inherited from my grandmother and thrifted on my own. Oh I want this so badly! I need to write up some blue prints pronto.


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