Banner Love

6 Feb

It would seem that I am all about the banners lately! It’s just that when I took down the congratulations banner I made John, the doorway looked so sad! So I had to make it a Valentine’s Day one! AND it was a good use of those hearts I posted yesterday! I ended up only needing to make two more.

1. This is what my drafting table looked like when I left this morning! Messy!

2. This is the little birdie I made for that one heart. It came out ok, even though it kinda looks like a penguin. Or a peanut. I think I need to add a wing line.

3. These are the two new hearts I made last night.

4. This morning before work I connected them all together with embroidery string. I tried to make the string go all the way through the middle of the two layers (so you wouldn’t be able to see it) but that was taking too long, and I didn’t want to be late for work. So at least you can’t see it from the front. Haha you can see my pj pants in this shot.

5. Twilight supervised the banner’s construction.

6. Finished project! Hooray heart banner! Happy Valentine’s Day! I used mostly untraditional colors because I just might keep this up for longer. I just love it!

7. You can see the cherry wall hanging in the background.

8. I put three beads in between each heart to space them.

9. The beads were either all white/clear (in two sizes) or pink, white/clear, and purple.

10. My car was covered in ice this morning when I left for work, but it didn’t seem that cold. The wind kept blowing my jacket up while I was scraping off the ice. I felt like Marilyn Monroe.


2 Responses to “Banner Love”

  1. willynillywaterlily February 6, 2008 at 4:32 pm #

    Oh, that is so clever of you! I love that idea! it reminds me of those paper doll like heart cut outs I made in grade school, only yours is much more pretty and sophisticated! I love that shot of your desk, too! It lookS like mine!

  2. sillypanda February 6, 2008 at 5:12 pm #

    Ooh, you should post a picture of your work space! I love seeing people’s work spaces!

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