Sometimes the Smallest Things Make the Biggest Difference

9 Feb

I cleaned my studio today. Hooray organization! John and I are going to put up a bulletin board they were going to throw out at work tomorrow. Also, I WANT THIS SO BADLY!

1. Since about when we moved in, there has been this draft that comes under our front door. I didn’t realize just how much wind/cold came through the door until I put down my creation for today. Lo and behold, my feet weren’t cold if I stood in front of the front door!

2. For the bottom strip, I cut out some green material a little larger than the size I wanted. I took some scraps and made a smaller strip and sewed it to the inside of the bottom. This is for the filling. I originally wanted to use rice, but when I dumped it in…yeah, I didn’t have anywhere near enough. BUT I did have this cat litter whose clumping ability was not to my liking, so I used that. MISTAKE! The dust from the litter leaked through the material and got everywhere!

3. I ended up dumping the litter/rice combo into a bucket, tearing out all the stitches for the “pocket”, and lining the thing with a grocery store bag. That worked pretty well. I think I should have cut bigger grocery bag strips though, because one part still leaks. But it’s nothing like it was. So it’s ok. It’s also really hard to sew on top of bags. The darker green kept folding over on itself. I had to keep telling myself “This is on the inside, it will be ok. You won’t see this.” to keep my OCD in check, lol.

4. The reason why I made a pocket instead of just filling a tube was so that the edges would more or less make flaps to better cover the crack under the door. I don’t know if it actually works, but I think it helps.

5. This was my attempt at trying to show you how the “flaps” work. Imagine that the door’s crack is in where the middle of the thing is. Flipping this thing right side out was a massive pain in the butt, let me tell you! But I am super happy with how it came out.


One Response to “Sometimes the Smallest Things Make the Biggest Difference”

  1. Charlene February 11, 2008 at 12:30 pm #

    Love the draft stopper. You can sell these at craft shows!! That’s where I would buy mine – when we lived in NY! Very nice!!!

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