Battling the Cold, Day 2

10 Feb

1. Today was absolutely beautiful, so I opened up the living room windows, which is something we normally don’t do. Dune was excited to be able to look outside without fighting the blinds, lol. I was happy that I got some socks organized. I think John only had two pairs left in his drawer! (I still have to work on those curtains though. :-/)

2. Yesterday, John saw on the news that the weather was supposed to be really bad tomorrow (today) and we made a point to get all of our weekend errands done yesterday. So I was surprised at how nice the weather was today…we didn’t really get much snow. Earlier this evening, however, my mom called me and wanted to make sure we were ok because she saw a story about a huge car accident in Rochester. Staying indoors today really was a good idea!

3. I cleaned the kitchen, did some dishes, sorted the socks, watched one of “my” Netflix movies, and spent time with the kitties. John and I ate lunch and dinner together and spent the evening watching TV. (Extreme Makeover: Home Edition is my weekly cry.) And then I exersized. (ugh)

4. Oh! But while we were watching TV we continued our battle against the living room breezes by putting plastic over one of the windows. As you can see, we are AWESOME at doing this. lol. But despire it’s uglyness, it works really well; we felt a difference almost immediatly. And the plastic will be covered by blinds anyway, so who cares?

5. The other window wasn’t as drafty, so we just taped up the part that was, ha! The red lines are the tape that came with the kit…it wasn’t really that sticky though, hense all the yellow tape.


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