Weird Hours Today

15 Feb

Today I have to work a station event in the evening, so I’m at home during the regular work hours. Its great! I love being home during the day. I’m afraid I’m being a bit lazy though. I originally had plans to make a cover for my date book, but I just spent the first part of the day browsing the web. Whoops!

I am going to exercise though. I think I will try playing music instead of having the TV on. Maybe I’ll increase my distance today.

PS: John thought I bought that back scratcher with the hearts on it! LOL, I told him he could take them off last night and he was like “Yeah?!”


One Response to “Weird Hours Today”

  1. kloh February 15, 2008 at 4:09 pm #

    The web just sucks you in like that. I know. I’ve spent many a good Friday surfing rather than getting some much needed cleaning or writing done. But you know, sometimes you just need that.

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