Home for my Minis

27 Feb

A while back, my mom bought some of the shelves I wanted from Linen N’ Things. When they came, I was so excited! Finally! My minis (vintage and new glass-wear) would have a home! John and I put them up right away.  Man though, did it take forever! The screws that came with it were too big to fit into the holes…isn’t that weird? So we had to use our own. But we got them up, and I think they look great.

I originally didn’t plan to have two of the same plates on display, but the plate stands I bought were too big for the other small plates I had, so I placed them in the diamond. I need to buy a smaller plate stand and something to mount the other plate in the center of the diamond.

A lot of it came from my Grandmother’s house. I like having little things scattered about my house that remind me of them. That tea cup to the right is my favorite; it’s so delicate! I was afraid it was going to break while we brought it to FL…and then back up to NY. And the black tea cup is cool because of the people inside it. So cute.


One Response to “Home for my Minis”

  1. Charlene February 28, 2008 at 2:00 pm #

    I love the wall display and seeing those things from Grandma & Grandpa’s home brings back good memories. Thank you for caring about preserving the family mementos.

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