My Cats Are So Weird

29 Feb

My cats have the weirdest eating habits. They seriously do this every day. I took pictures today so that I could show this to you:

1. See? It is possible for them both to eat out of the same dish at the same time.

2. But Dune always eats a little and then walks away. (See him in the top left corner?)

3. Then, he comes back…

4. …And Twilight goes away.

5. Rinse.

6. Repeat. So weird!


One Response to “My Cats Are So Weird”

  1. Mary March 17, 2008 at 6:42 pm #

    My older cat will back off after a few bites of food and the younger one will eat it all. 😦 I have to sit around and watch them eat now to make sure my older one doesn’t starve.

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