Thrift Store Shopping!

2 Mar

1. I bought some new minis! I moved the little cup and saucer with it’s matching tea pot, and I really like them a lot together!

2. I got the little pitcher and base as well as those little animals.

3. My mom used to collect those kinds of animals, so they reminded me of her. The little plate is one of the ones I had sitting in the diamond shelf. I think it makes a nice little bed for the puppy!

4. I really need to figure out what to do with this shelf. I want to make it a box again, but John likes the diamond. It is cool like that, just not very practical. Maybe if I find a bigger plate…

5. These are the items I DIDN’T get. This one reads “Home Rules: If you sleep on it – make it up. If you wear it – hang it up. If you drop it – pick it up. If you eat out of it – put it in the sink. If you step on it – wipe it off. If you open it – close it. If you empty it – fill it up. If it rings – answer it. If it howls – feed it. If it cries – love it.” I’m really regretting not getting this. I’ll have to try my hand at recreating it.

6. Haha I’m actually regretting not getting this too. It was only 99 cents. And where do you find burnt wood carrot plaques?! Nowhere!

7. This I took a picture of, and never even considered taking it home. Creepy!

8. I bought this one, which is why I said no to the other two plaques. I was hoping that the text was in German or Galic (since that would work for either John’s heritage or mine.) but when I got home, google told me it was Swedish. Oh well. It still looks cool. The text says “Give us our daily bread.”


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