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Teenage Meme!

30 Apr

I saw it on Corey Marie’s journal, but it was started by Davario.

Originally, I was going to work on reupholstering the chair, but then I saw this meme and knew that I had to do it. It was funny thinking back to how I was at these ages, and I kinda lied a little. I tried to go for a GENERAL idea of how I was then. Example: I really stopped the scarf thing about 1998, but only because it didn’t work. And I mostly wear chucks now, but wanted to draw myself in my “grown up” shoes that I do wear a lot.

Click for full size.

I had a lot of fun drawing this. I haven’t drawn in a long, long time.

* I wanted to be known for something other than my hair, so I had a purple scarf tied to my backpack that had hand painted flowers on the bottom. It didn’t work.


Rainy Days

28 Apr

This weekend was beautiful, but today and the rest of the week’s supposed to be ugly. Also, my sewing machine is on the fritz. Looks like I might be hand sewing that slip cover. My, my.

I got fancy a new cell phone from my dad, and it is really complicated! I keep having to text my sister how to do things. LOL, I’ll be glad when she’s up here and can show me things in person.

So there is my cell phone, as seen via my dolla-dolla store mirror, and some mini muffins I made over the weekend. I took the muffin pic with my cell phone. Not too bad quality, eh? Technology!

PS: I WON Crafting with Cat Hair’s (formerly Crafty Carolins Girl) BLOGOVERSARY CONTEST! This means I get all kinds of cool stuff! I’m most excited about the little birdie family.

Crazy Weeeeek!

25 Apr

– We had three events on Monday, two of which I took pictures for, and spent the rest of the day editing those photos.

– On Tuesday, there was an event at night, so I spent pretty much the whole day Wednesday editing THOSE photos and uploading them. I had an Earth Day post all prepared for Tuesday, showing off the flowers I planted in my yard last weekend, but I didn’t get a chance to post it. :-/

Thursday was aaaaall catch up doing the stuff that was supposed to be done Mon-Wed.

– Today (Friday) has been pretty quiet. Which is why I get to post now.


1. It’s time like this that I *love* working in radio. Hanson performed at a local record store and 106.7 KISS-FM was the official station sponsor (?) of it.

2. This means I GOT TO MEET HANSON! My 7th grade self is ecstatic!

3. I also got on the guest list for their concert, which was great. I never even considered going to a Hanson show before, but hey – free tickets, right?

4. I met up with Julie. She is a BIG Hanson fan.

5. She brought along her friend Megan, who was an even BIGGER Hanson fan. Like seriously, she would just stare in awe at the stage. Pretty weird! But they were fun.


1. When I planted flowers in the yard, these two front flowers hadn’t bloomed yet, so I had to guess what colors would be. I picked red and yellow, and was pleasantly surprised when they bloomed and I saw that I was right! Well, truth be told, the ones I bought were more red and the ones that bloomed were more of an orange, but it was pretty close. Good enough for me! I also got some daffodil’s for good measure.

2. At Target I bought these little herb kits for $1 and planted the extra seeds in the yard. I thought they were super seeds or something and started sprouting…

3. …but then I noticed that there were a lot of the same sprouts next to the house. I wonder what they are!

4. I was happy to fill up the shelves on my …shelf, even if it was with supplies.

5. Kitty grass and catnip are in little pots on the steps, the kits are on the table around the black pot.

6. Another plant that hasn’t bloomed yet, and the bird feeder I got at Lowes for $5! Man, those birds eat a lot of bird seed!

7. I don’t know what this flower is called, but there was one growing naturally in the ground, so I bought it to match. UNFORTUNATELY, as you can see in the picture, when I planted the new one, the old one started to die. 😦

8. They are working on our roof and it is so NOISY! The workers start at 8:00 and I usually sleep until at least 8:30. Grumble, grumble. AND those stupid roofers dropped a shingle and broke the new purple plant that killed the original one. Now I have to buy two to replace them.

9. This machine is the bane of my existence. It is right outside our patio.

Table Table Table

17 Apr

I was going to post this yesterday, but when I sat down to write it, I realized that I uploaded the photos onto my computer at work! Laaaaame. So you get it today. Sorry!

So do you guys remember when I bitched about not being able to find a table I liked? Well, bitch on the interwebs and the interwebs will listen! A couple days later, I saw this table on Craigslist that was PERFECT, and only $15!

I have since painted it white, which you can see in the St. Patrick’s Day/Easter post. The red was a nice color, it just didn’t match anything I own, and most certainly nothing in my living room. Yay table!

Also, having a chess set on a table where the kitties eat is not a good idea.  Especially when you have curious kitties that like to jump up on new tables to investigate.

Holiday Catch-up

14 Apr

Seems I’m ok at posting on Mondays & Wednesdays, but not Fridays. Ah well!

Here are some pictures from St. Patrick’s Day & Easter. Is it just me, or were these two holidays waaaaay too close together?! I didn’t even have time to decorate for St. Patrick’s Day, let alone Easter which was the week after!

I made this Sash for 106.7 KISS-FM’s “Palest Male of Rochester” contest. I did it in one night while watching TV, and was pretty proud of my $5 creation. I was going to hand sew the letters on, but ran out of time, so I hot glued them. When the program director saw the sash he loved it so much he wants to use it every year now. Whoops! Well, maybe I can pull that “08” off for next year…  Anyway, our palest male wore the sash in the parade, which was cool.

This was all I got to do in terms of Easter decorations! 😦 I set up my little bunny village on the new table I bought on craigslist. I super cropped this photo because I’m posting more about the table on Wednesday. I was sad because I couldn’t find my bunny village church, and of all the buildings not to find on Easter!  The second picture is of the “basket” I got for John.  It’s really small because he’s on a diet.  The malted milk balls are (were?) for me!  I love that flower; it’s stem is all bendy and it was only a dollar.

I also made a new table cloth to replace my winter one. It’s ok. The center is a little bumpy. You can’t really tell once the place mats are on it.  Guess I didn’t make the seams quite straight enough. Oh, and I also bought new place mats since this photo was taken. I was going to make matching ones, but I didn’t have time. And then I found 4 brown ones at the dollar store, so I bought those in preparation for when my mom and sister come up next month.  Hahaha, I also bought actual glasses.  I realized, while taking this photo, that I was using our nice china, but didn’t even have glasses to go with them!  We only have plastic cups.  Way to be a grown up, Colleen.

I made a simple meal of ham, au gratin potatoes, corn, and biscuits (which aren’t in the picture, but that’s what the smaller plates are for.)


9 Apr

My future mother in law left this morning to go back to FL. Real posts will begin again…hopefully on Friday.

Chair Reupholstering

2 Apr

I forgot that my mom reads my blog, and let it slip that I was recovering the chair. Whoops! I meant to keep the whole thing under wraps until it was done and then send her a package marked “Do not open until I am on the phone” with all the before/after photos.  So I could hear her “OMG What did you do?!”  But since I killed all that, here are the fabrics I’m considering:

The fabric in the background is the one I think I’m going to go with. Its kind of a microfiber-like material, and it’s really soft. Plus it comes kinda quilted, which is nice.  I need to figure out how to make fabric buttons, and I’ll be set!

The one with the “diamonds” on it was a second choice.  I like it, but I think the “fuzz” might rub off it eventually.  I don’t want reupholster this again if I don’t have to.

The top fabric is what I was thinking for an accent pillow.   I made a few t-shirt pillows years ago, but I never liked them, and never used them, so why not cover them?

PS: John hates all of the fabrics.  He thinks they’re hideous.  Ah well.  I bet he wants me to cover it in black fabric.  Hello cat hair catcher!