Chair Reupholstering

2 Apr

I forgot that my mom reads my blog, and let it slip that I was recovering the chair. Whoops! I meant to keep the whole thing under wraps until it was done and then send her a package marked “Do not open until I am on the phone” with all the before/after photos.  So I could hear her “OMG What did you do?!”  But since I killed all that, here are the fabrics I’m considering:

The fabric in the background is the one I think I’m going to go with. Its kind of a microfiber-like material, and it’s really soft. Plus it comes kinda quilted, which is nice.  I need to figure out how to make fabric buttons, and I’ll be set!

The one with the “diamonds” on it was a second choice.  I like it, but I think the “fuzz” might rub off it eventually.  I don’t want reupholster this again if I don’t have to.

The top fabric is what I was thinking for an accent pillow.   I made a few t-shirt pillows years ago, but I never liked them, and never used them, so why not cover them?

PS: John hates all of the fabrics.  He thinks they’re hideous.  Ah well.  I bet he wants me to cover it in black fabric.  Hello cat hair catcher!


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