8 May

1. You can tell we have guests because the kitchen table is in the living room, lol. It’s so weird seeing it when I come down the stairs each morning, but all four of us couldn’t fit around the table if it was in the kitchen.

2. I don’t know if I posted my little collection of wooden plaques, but the Norman Rockwell print inspired a new little collection.

3. We went thrifting last night and found two Norman Rockwell prints for pretty cheap. I was super excited, and now I have a little gallery in my kitchen. Well, I will once John installs some shelves in the kitchen. Then I will know where to space them.

4. We also got, of course, some new little things for my minis collection. Although, the middle plate on the top shelf isn’t so much a mini… but it was a really pretty, and I think it makes the black and white bowl stick out less.

5. John has been taking a wood working class, and he completed his speaker boxes that he’s been planning to make FOREVER, but couldn’t because he didn’t have the tools. They came out really well, and who doesn’t love more storage?! (They’re the towers on each side of the TV unit.)


One Response to “Guests”

  1. Katy Widrick May 22, 2008 at 3:13 pm #

    I thought you might enjoy this story that we did on a Florida woman whose family served as models for Normal Rockwell.


    Katy Widrick
    Executive Producer,

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