Mom & Sister Visit wrap-up: Part Three

30 May

This is the last of the “Mom & Sister wrap-up.”

1. We went to my 2nd cousin, Julia’s, play on Mother’s Day. She played a mouse in “Beauty and the Beast.” She got flowers after, and I swear to you, she acts just for the flowers. Very cute.

2. John and I with Julia

3. Mom, Sami, Julia, and I.

4. Julia and her parents & grandma.

5. Of course I had to teach Julia jumping pictures! Or my mom might have suggested it. I don’t remember.

6. Sami and Julia blowing Dandelions.

7. More jumping. (Notice my cousin in the background walking towards us.)

8. Noreen (my cousin) was like “What are you doing?!” And then she joined in. lol!

And that’s the vacation! This week has been crazy busy, so it was nice looking back on my vacation. The next one cannot come soon enough. 🙂


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