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Dryer Incident

25 Jun

A while ago I talked about an incident that happened over the weekend, but I never went into detail about it. Well, I just got around to editing the photos, so here goes. I hope you learn something new.

1. NEVER PUT A PEN IN THE DRYER. It was fine for the washer, but didn’t like the dryer much. It exploded everywhere! I was like OMG, WHAT DO I DO?  So I googled it.  We rent, so I did not want a ruined dryer.

Luckily, it was a load of darks, so the pen didn’t show up too much. (Although both pairs of my jeans have pen marks all over them now. They’re not messed up…it’s couture, right?)

2. The internet told me to try a mix of things.  I used rubbing alcohol, nail polish remover, and bleach.  The bleach didn’t do anything, the alcohol didn’t do much, but the big winner was the nail polish remover!  Oh man oh man did my basement smell!  I got light headed after a while.  Not fun.

3. Most of the obvious marks were gone, and the remaining ones were pretty light.  The drum had a blue hue though…  So I read a little more, and running towels drenched in bleach a couple times through the dryer would help.  And you know what, it really did!  I don’t know why, since the bleach had so little effect before, but whatever!  I didn’t take pictures of it, but I assure you, the dryer is much less blue than photographed above.  John’s mom said she never would have known a pen blew up in it if I hadn’t told her.

4. My shorts were also sacrificed in the process.  Stupid bleach!  Stupid me for not changing into crappy clothes!  I guess I was just in panic mode and not paying attention.

So, lesson learned.  Make John clean it next time he leaves a pen in his pocket. Check pockets before washing pants.



23 Jun

1. One morning, Dune was VERY fascinated, looking out the window. What could he be so interested in?

2. A TRESPASSER! My mom had said she saw an orange cat in our yard when she was up, but I had never seen him. I don’t know if he is a stray or not, but he was mocking Dune from the outside world. I took video of it with my phone, but the file is a kind I’ve never heard of, so I can’t upload it to YouTube. 😦

PS: New site header! I reaaaally need to find some place to get my sewing machine fixed.

Hello Wednesday!

18 Jun

Something over the weekend happened, and I wanted to post it Monday, but I was too busy getting the house ready for John’s mom. She’s here now, so I’ll just leave you with this little work antidote instead, since I already had the photo edited.

I was printing out pieces that my intern did for her portfolio, and the printer kept printing them wrong. Over and over and over they were all wrong! It even spit an error message at me! I got so mad I tore a bunch of them up and made a little collage. It is now taped to my office door.  Click here to see it full sized.


11 Jun

Mary Kay make-over time!

It’s weird, but I didn’t notice how yellow the lighting was in there! Not wearing my glasses makes my eyes all squinty, lol. And I was SO TIRED. Hello bags! I need to get my eyebrows done. I haven’t had them done since I’ve moved here. O.o The eye makeup photographs well, but it looked really heavy (to me) IRL. Weird.

PS: I made banana bread last night and it came out WAAAAAY better than my last attempt.

Cupcake Love

9 Jun

We had a dessert contest at work today, so of course I had to make my heart cupcakes. They came out pretty well; very very moist. Although… I think they might have been a little TOO moist! The confectionery sugar I sprinkled on top absorbed into the muffin overnight, so my little muffins looked like corn bread. 😦 Ah well. I think the sugar made them glossy though, which was kind of neat.

I didn’t win, but I learned a few tips for next year.

  • 1) The mini cupcakes went WAY faster than the larger ones, (even though I think the larger ones taste better) so whatever I make, make sure it’s small!
  • 2) Whatever I make should include chocolate somehow. Mine was the only dessert that didn’t! There was one cake that wasn’t chocolate, but it was topped with chocolate covered cherries. Not fair!
  • 3) You get points for presentation, so buy cute cups and recipe cards. Also write out whatever you did to make the dessert b/c you get points for preparation too! (Example, I cut those hearts out by hand.)

I heart Craigslist

4 Jun

I was looking through the arts/craft section of Craigslist the other day and I saw a listing selling fabric scraps. This woman makes reenactment costumes and was selling her scraps. As many as you could take for $5! FIVE DOLLARS. Not per bag, IN ALL. And it was in the next town over! I was so there.

Look at my bounty! And it’s really nice fabric too. Normally I just buy cotton, so this gives me a nice mix of new materials. And I buy tons of pastels, so it was great to have some earth tones to work with too. Really, all I can use them for is small patchwork or doll clothes, but for five bucks I couldn’t pass it up.

The mom of the girl selling the fabric and I chit chatted while I went through everything, and she even found pieces she thought I would like, lol!  I told her about etsy and Blythe dolls, and suggested that her daughter get into that.  People make a killing off Blythe clothes, and since she’s used to sewing complicated garments anyway, why not?  I also gave her my blog url.  I wonder if they checked it out…

Unfortunately, these people smoked, so all the fabric smelled pretty bad. I washed it all, which caused the edges to fray like crazy. I’m working to separate the pieces and cut off the fringe, but it’s taking FOREVER. Does anyone have any tips on how to wash fabric without the ends freaking out?

Quick one

3 Jun

Just a quick post to make up for the fact that I didn’t post anything yesterday. Here is the banana bread I made a few weekends ago. It came out ok, but I didn’t let it cool enough before trying to take it out of the pan, and it split in half. Ah well.

I got the serving tray from a thrift store, and I love it! It reads “A joyous heart makes the loaves taste better.” So sweet. And it’s got these lovely little flowers on it. Adorable.


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand here is a graphic I made today for work that I’m sure you won’t find funny unless you work with me. But I’ll try to explain it.

Bob Lonsberry is SUPER patriotic, so everything I make that has to do with him involves a flag. So when I was asked to create a logo for “Dinner with Lonsberry,” of course I thought “Flag plate.” But then I was like, “Nah…that’s too much.” BUT THEY LOVED IT. In fact, they wanted me to add Lonsberry’s face to the plate! And I thought the FLAG was too much. So I called up Bill to tell him the news:

Me: Bill, the Lonsberry Dinner plate just. got. better.
Bill: That is impossible. There is no way such an awesome creation could get any better. It’s AMERICA on a PLATE.
Me: Ah, but it has. They want me to add Lonsberry’s face to the plate.
Bill: (snickers) I stand corrected.

And then I went and made it even better. Bill has a new facebook photo. This of course, is by no means the actual logo. Well…only because of Bill. The rest of it got approved.