Wedding Invitations

14 Jul

I know I said that I wouldn’t write about the wedding here, but this is crafty, and since I haven’t posted anything crafty in a while, I don’t think you’ll mind. 🙂

Here are my wedding invitations! I originally wanted to use double sided pink scrapbooking paper, but I couldn’t find any, so I went with this instead. It’s two sheets of paper glued together. Bonus: they were only 15 cents a sheet! Can you believe that? Score! The info and the little inserts (directions, rsvp, and registry info) are printed on cardstock, and I only needed one steet per invitation.
Normally I don’t like all my text centered, but it just seemed right for this. I don’t know if it’s because it was for an invitation or what, but…

The little circle you see on the tip of the envelope flap is a silver floral sticker. In case you couldn’t tell, my color scheme is pink and grey/silver.

I should have taken a close up of the knot design. That bad boy is giving the cake designer some trouble. I sent her my design idea and she said that she didn’t know if she could do it justice. Here’s hoping!

^ cake design I sent baker.

And that’s them!  I blurred out the important info so you can’t stalk me, lol.  What do you think?


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