16 Jul

I feel like I had something specific to post, but I can’t remember it. Maybe because I’m super excited that I’m going to see THE DARK KNIGHT tonight! Could be… So I’ll just share a couple photos that I had on my hard drive.

1. I bought this sweet little watering can at Goodwill the other day, and it looks DARLING with red carnations.

2. MY LITTLE PONY RIDE! OMG! I found this in the Greece Ridge mall and got too excited.

Also, my boss got a tattoo today. Came out pretty nice, right? After doing Bad tattoo of the day for a couple years, I have become really afraid of bad tattoo artists. I was super nervous for him, and I wasn’t so sure about the orange, but I was proven wrong!


One Response to “BATMAN”

  1. willynillywaterlily August 7, 2008 at 8:16 pm #

    So did you like the new Batman movie? I thought the Joker was perfectly psychotic! 🙂

    Love that tattoo, too!

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