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Hey Guys.

15 Aug

So…I pretty much haven’t written in a month. I apologize for that, but with the wedding coming up, and with the house closing coming even sooner now, (we had to bump it up two days b/c the first is Labor Day.) I don’t have time to create/post much right now. Case and point:

That is a picture of the mystery plant the people who had our townhouse before us planted. I almost picked it when it was little; thinking it was a weed. I took this pic with my phone and the intention of posting it, asking you guys what you thought it would grow into…

This is what it looks like now. Or rather, what it looked like 2 weeks ago. It’s not so perfect anymore. I still love it though, and I’m really glad I didn’t weed it. Point being though, I have been so busy, a plant BLOOMED before I could post the bud picture. (And coincidentally, the flowering photo took a while to be posted too.)

And so, I’m going on an official break. I could post about my life, but that’s not really what this blog is for. So I’ll be back once I’m married and we settle into the new house. Maybe mid to late September.

In an effort to move less stuff across town, I’m going to try and post some of the things I’ve made on etsy, but that will be the only post on this blog. There will probably be a couple more in the wedding blog. (Which I’m going to also update today, but not with a break/hiatus message.)

So… I’ll see you guys in September!

PS: The Dark Knight WAS AMAZING. Oh man.