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I’m alive!

15 Oct

And though I won’t be posting regularly just yet, I wanted to post a little post to let you guys know that I’m alive. The wedding went AWESOMELY, and I am eagerly waiting for the pictures from the photographer.

(Above photos by my friend Kim)

The move went well too, but the unpacking is slow going. We were in such a rush to get out of there, that we didn’t exactly label any of the boxes. Whoops! Ah well. Not like we’re going to have to move for a few decades anyway, but lesson learned. Here is an example of the kitchen, which is pretty much how the rest of the rooms look:

But I’m excited to figure out where things go in the new place. And once the house gets squared away, I can start going to the knitting group that meets downtown on Thursday! I’m excited about that, and the fact that I figured out how to knit! I’m terrible at guessing what width things will turn out, so I am not working on a super wide scarf for John that really looks more like a teeny doll blanket. LOL.

ALSO: I made an application video to get into the Evil League of Evil (ala Dr. Horrible) It is hilarious how I can’t sing when I’m trying not to be heard through my office walls. lmao. I posted it on my Zeta youtube page, so don’t be confused when it says I’m in Miami. The youtube page liiiiies! My character is Miss Guidance, and she is a guidance counselor who brainwashes the students who seek her help so that they do her evil bidding. Muahahaha! I also made a blooper reel, which I think is hilarious.

PS: I would SO love to find a group of girls like this in Rochester. Will you join my photo group that hasn’t been formed yet?

PPS: WordPress, have you gone and changed during my absence?! And what’s with me posting on the 15th or 16th for the past few months? LOL. It’s like I think “Oh, middle of the month, better blog!”