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Silly Panda as a business.

30 Jan

It’s going to happen. Moving towards that goal, I made business cards.

What do you think?  Is it weird that I kept the contact info strictly digital?  I figured since I designed them I could have different versions; one for Twitter people, this one, one with traditional info, etc.


Birds of Change

28 Jan

Here are the birdies I made for the exchange. This picture is my attempt at making them look like they’re outside without me actually having to GO outside. It’s figgin cold out! I mailed them to Regina yesterday. They should get to her by this weekend.

You can check out all of the birdies in the exchange over in the flickr group.


27 Jan

Here is the 6th birdie I made for the Birds of Change Exchange, and I’m giving it away right here! Just comment below with a change you would like to see happen, (could be personal, could be for the country; anything goes!) and I’ll randomly pick someone next Tuesday.

PS: There was a dumpster in the office yesterday. WTF??? I can’t wait to move into the new building. The people here just don’t care anymore. I tried to “jump” into it, but after I hit my head on the ceiling, I decided posing was fine.

Aaaaaand, we’re back.

26 Jan

For those of you who didn’t hear, last week was a pretty rough week for everyone over here at Clear Channel. After it was all over, we lost about 24 people. While my job is fine, my friend Jessica’s was not. That hit me pretty hard, so combine that with the general crummy mood of everyone in the building, I just didn’t feel like blogging last week.

I tried to keep going as though nothing had happened. Life moves on and what-not. I went to knitting on Thursday with my friend Marya, and I had a fantastic weekend. I got everything I wanted done, and the weather was lovely.

Tomorrow I’m going to do my Birds of Change giveaway, even though it’s a week late. Last Tuesday was just not a cheery day. I couldn’t even enjoy the inauguration. So sad.

The pictures above made knitting night really memorable. While we were looking for other knitters, some guy came up to us and gave us those pez dispensers. At first we thought the redheaded dispenser-guy was super creepy, but Sarah told us later that he was from a movie. :-/ Still weird looking.

And we saw that store in the second picture on the way home. Ok, I guess I can see why someone would want to wear pantie-thongs, but… WHAT IS THAT THIRD HOLE FOR? I almost think that the thong-thing broke, but wouldn’t someone have noticed?

Sarah’s cat, Sally, really liked looking for my yarn. She literally DOVE into my purse.

Vote for my design!

17 Jan

I entered “The Office” t-shirt design contest, and so far I’ve gotten really good feedback about my submission. So I wanted to show it to you guys, and ask if you could rate/vote for my design. On the website, under the design, there are stars. Just rate it 1 to 4. Giving it a 4 would be awesome, but I’m not going to force you to. 😉

And here is the link to go straight to my design: Thanks!

If you want, I wouldn’t be against you spreading the link around, lol.

Adventures in Downtown Vol. 2

16 Jan

Even though it was probably way to cold for me to go out and enjoy a walk, I had to buy lunch today, so I decided to go on another Lunchtime Adventure downtown. I took another suggestion that I got when I asked my Tweeple where I should eat and went to Orange Blossom by The Little Theatre. (Thanks Lindsay!)

The place was liiiiitterally next to the Little, lol. I almost missed it! It’s this tiny little whole in the well restaurant. But so cute! And they’re having a gallery opening tonight, so if you can make it out – go look. When I got there, it looked like they were moving chairs and things around for the opening. I looked at the menu and asked the girl behind the counter if I should get the poultry burger or the chicken enchilada. She said enchilada. So I did. And it was delish!

I didn’t eat it there because I wanted to let them get back to working on the place for the opening, but the restaurant was so cute. I’m not usually an orange person, but it really worked for them. And so, I headed back to work with my meal.

WHY IS IT ALWAYS SO MUCH COLDER WALKING BACK??? Is it because the excitement of the adventure is over and I’m just going back to work? What?!  The above are a couple shots I took while walking back. Is that salt or glass in the picture? You decide.

Chicks with Sticks, Week 2

15 Jan

I went to Chicks with Sticks again and it was fun. Although, I guess noone actually calls it “Chicks with Sticks,” but rather “Knitting Club” so I guess I will adapt and start calling it that too.

I’m terrible at names, and only two of the women were also there last week, so the only one whose name I remember is Jenna and I think the other regular was…Kim? I think Kim.

But it was fun. I drank hot coccoo with a straw because they put too much whipped cream on top, and we talked about “The Office” and other shows that we all watch.

It was funny, only one of us didn’t have a creative job. There was an art teacher (Jenna), a photographer (Kim?), a webmaster (me), some-other-creative-job-I-can’t-remember-done-by-a-woman-who-
is-getting-married-but-whose-name-I-can’t-recall, and a law clirk. XD