2 Jan

I spent most of the day online, cleaning up various things (layouts, links, etc) on my blogs. If you look at my sidebar over there you’ll see I added a bunch of stuff. Then my friend Jackie (who I mentioned in the last post) and her friend Chet came over, and we ate a yummy lasagna that John made. Lots of DDR followed. Actually, so much DDR that I’m having trouble falling asleep!

Heh, not to much to blog about today. I am going to work on getting my craft room more squared away tomorrow. Big plans for 2009. Lets hope I stick with them this time. XD

PS: Oh yeah, I have bangs! And new glasses!

PPS: I joined one of those “picture a day” things on facebook. So here is my picture for yesterday. Today’s are above. 🙂

Lots and lots of dishes. More than the picture shows because I had to put some away to fit those dishes. That resolution didn’t come outta nowhere, ya know.


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