Goodbye, Christmas.

3 Jan

I didn’t get to the craft room today. Instead, I designed a wedding album for my parents and took down all the Christmas decorations. The living room looks so bare now… it’s really quite sad.

Since I didn’t get to post about my Christmas decorations, I’ll take today to highlight some of my ornaments.  These are by no means all of my ornaments.  I couldn’t even find one bag of them and the tree was more than full.

I bought these this year because I just couldn’t pass up those darling little deer. Nice pick, Walmart!

This is my collection of bird ornaments. Clip-on birds were always my favorite ornament growing up, so when I started to have my own tree, of course I had to have bird ornaments. Even when I was just picking out the ornaments that went on John’s tree in the condo, I even had bird ornaments. (Thanks Mom!) I’m finding though, that these birdies clip better on fake trees than the real ones we get now. 😦 Oh well; they’re still pretty.

These are my keepsake ornaments. I have one for our first Christmas together (2002), our engagement, and of course, our marriage and our first house.

All of these ornaments were either handmade (by me and other people) or ones that I picked up in a thrift store or estate sale. Oh, well… I guess now that I look at it, I bought a couple from a store because they *looked* handmade. Whoops!

This ornament was made by a women who was staying at the same B&B we had our honeymoon at. I sat with her one day and chit-chatted with her while she was making these ornaments, and was very surprised when she gave me one! She made me promise, and I mean PROMISE like it was the end of the world, to add a ribbon to it before I hung it on my tree. 🙂 Of course I obliged.

The second photo is Dune stopping helping me put away the decorations.

Oh Christmas I miss you already. See you next year!


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