So far, I’m still following the resolutions.

4 Jan

Whooo! I posted before going to bed! Normally, I post right before going to bed, and rush through the entry. Not today! My camera batteries died though… I had wanted to take more/better photos.
Ah well.

That book fits in under my “finish what I start” resolution. I bought that book maybe a year ago…maybe longer, with the intent of making a slip cover for it. Well, I finally did that. Inside it has sleeves for business cards, and in addition to holding business cards I’ve collected, it also holds little cards I made with the addresses of all my friends and family. Every year I go hunting through boxes and folders and emails, trying to find everyone’s address. Well, no more! Hooray!

The little birdie is part of a prototype, and part of figuring out if I can do Creative Kismet’s Bird of Change Exchange. Sign ups end this Friday, and I told myself that if I can make 3 of the 5 required this week, then I can sign up. I’d hate to sign up and get really busy or something, you know? But two (three if I want to do the giveaway.) after the 9th shouldn’t be too hard.  Hand sewing is a pain though… and I need to make my stitches a little neater.  XD

I didn’t get a chance to send out Christmas cards last year, so I planned to send out New Years cards. And since I had all my addresses organized, today was the perfect day to do that!

See the thick icicle out the window? It was so long I couldn’t even get it all into the frame when I tried to take a picture of it. Yikes!

While I worked, the kitties slept across the hall. Haha, it doesn’t look like Twilight has a head!


2 Responses to “So far, I’m still following the resolutions.”

  1. Amy Nieto January 5, 2009 at 2:43 am #

    getting holiday cards out on time is for l0s3rs. we c00l people send them out in MARCH.

  2. sillypanda January 5, 2009 at 12:25 pm #

    hahaha but THEN the holiday is St. Patrick’s day!

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