End table & Birdies

7 Jan

I’m not very good at coming up with blog titles, am I? lol.

When I got home from work yesterday, there was a package waiting for me!

There were a lot of parts in it, but there wasn’t a picture on the box… What could it be?

After looking at the directions, I saw that it was the end table my dad bought me. I spent waaaaay too much time putting it together, but I think it’s really cool. Hard to photograph though. The decorations on the drawer aren’t actually a different color than the drawer… not sure why it photographed like that.

— * —

TODAY, I woke up early and cut out the squares of fabric I’d need for the swap birdies. Then I cut out the birds and wings while at work. I realized I only cut enough wing fabric out for one wing per bird though, whoops! Guess I’ll be cutting out more tomorrow morning!

The orange fabric was originally going to be for the beaks, but I decided against it. The ric-rack is for their stomachs. I don’t know if I should really post pics since they’re for a swap, but I won’t post any more after this. I don’t think these give too much away.


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