Post #101

14 Jan

Holy cow, that last post was my 100th post! Who woulda thunk it?!

I was working on the birdies tonight so I thought I would update you guys on what I’ve knitted, modeled by Dune:

I made this for John to wear over his mouth when he goes running. (The cold makes it hard for him to breathe, so I thought this might help.) I made it wide so he could fold it over, but doing so made the scarf shorter than I’d wanted. He can still tie it though… I think.  I only had one thing of yarn that I bought at a garage sale, so there wasn’t any way I was going to match the color.

In case you were wondering, yes this is the yarn that I brought to Chicks with Sticks. I’m going to go again tomorrow. Anyone going?

Here is the first thing I ever knitted…and you can tell. Boy oh boy. These pictures don’t really show it, but the edges are not even remotely straight lines. I started out making the …loops way too tight, so I would split the loops in half without realizing it and add another loop to the mix. So it just kept getting wider and wider.

I’m not sure that made any sense. Sorry.

OH! I just remembered another thing I made but didn’t take photos of! Ah well, that will have to be for another time.


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