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My current knitting project

27 Feb

Two weeks after I said I would post it, I’m finally getting to blogging about my knitting project! LOL, well at least I’ve managed to blog every day this week…

Here she is! My accidental knitted towel that I decided to turn into a blanket. Right now I’m working on the squares, and will sew them to the towel-thing, granny square style.

So how did I “accidentally” make a knitted towel you ask? Well, it was the first thing I ever made on size 13 needles, and I didn’t realize what a difference the needle size made. I was originally going for a slightly over sized scarf…and got this. I don’t know why I even bothered to finish it. I should have just taken out the yarn and started over. But oh well. I casted it off the needles and wore it around the house like a shawl for a while.

It’s slow going, but every week I keep working on new squares at knitting club and while watching TV. (The bag is what I take to knitting club.) I’m just going to do two rows of the squares on each side, alternating between green, white, and black; and then a line of a solid color (not sure which one yet) and then try making a couple more towel-esque pieces. I think it should look like a lap blanket by then. I’m hoping to find yarn similar to the multi-colored yarn to use as a border. My friend Marya’s aunt is opening a yarn shop in Jamesville, so hopefully she’ll be able to use her insider knowledge and help me out.



26 Feb

Oh, Fred Flare. You have such cute things.

camera photo album – $14

librarian pin – $10

mix tape USB flash drive – $18

And Busted Tees, I love (some) of your stuff!

Desmond is my constant. – $17

Ah, Lost. Ah Desmond. You have such a lovely accent.

That’s How I Roll – $20

Although, I haven’t “rolled” like that since college.

Outdoorsy – $20

Just thought this one was funny. Wouldn’t think make the best St. Patrick’s Day shirt?

Keep the Dream Alive – $24

I hit sleep all the time. Every morning.

Online window shopping is fun. 🙂


25 Feb

I woke up from a nightmare last night and couldn’t get back to sleep, so my mind started to wander.  I received the latest issue of Stuffed Magazine (thanks mom!) earlier that day and was excited about all the cool plush, but sad over still having a broken sewing machine.  Some of the dolls that intrigued me the most in the magazine were the ones that people had painted onto.

I have been wanting to get back into painting, as I used to really like it in college.  But alas, no sewing machine. And I had enough hand sewing with my Birds of Change.  So now what?  Then, my little dollhouse popped into my head.

I bought this dollhouse, with the little people, and everything in it for $3 at a garage sale when my mom was up last year. The woman who was holding the sale said that she brought it over from Germany, and I knew I had to take it home. The little people didn’t have arms, but some string and a few knots fixed that right up.

I started thinking of all the things I would do to the dollhouses I’d buy. I picked out paint colors and roof styles, and wondered if scrapbook paper would make good wall paper. (I think it would.) Today, I started looking online for little dollhouse kits. But the only ones I could find were these super fancy, expensive ones. I just wanted a simple little house like the one I had. Why can’t I find that? I don’t want to paint the one I have; I want a different one!

Does anyone know of any places I should look? I even thought about cutting out the pieces myself, but I am really afraid of power tools, so I don’t think that would work so well. *sigh*

Free Pancakes!

24 Feb

Today is National Pancake Day! (Which, apparently… according to Wikipedia, has a religious background…) And that means free pancakes if you go to iHop!

I didn’t make it out for Denny’s free Grand Slam day, and I don’t think I’m going to make it out for today’s celebration. So sad. But, if you’re in the Rochester area, there will be an opportunity for you to donate money to the Children’s Miracle Network at Golisano Children’s Hospital at Strong.

Or, you could just go get pancakes.  (BTW – the picture above is from my dinner on Free Grand Slam Day.  John made pancakes and eggs for us becaues I was sad I couldn’t make it out to Denny’s.)

Thinking of My Sister

23 Feb

My mom called me this weekend to tell me that my sister had gone into the hospital on Friday. A while back, my sister had called me to inform me of her enlarged spleen. We laughed about this because, really, doesn’t that sound like a weird disease? How does one’s spleen get enlarged anyway?

Well, apparently her spleen had gotten worse and she was in a lot of pain. So my dad took her to the hospital, and she stayed over night. After some tests were done, the doctors said that there wasn’t anything they could do for her now, and sent her home.

She’s ok, I guess… maybe in a little pain.  She has to go to the doctors again and get a MRI, I think. I’m not sure… my brain kind of fuzzed over after a while; the incoming information being replaced with worry. I don’t know what is going to happen, but I hope she’ll be ok. If you can, please keep her in your thoughts/prayers.

These photos are ones that my Mom sent me on Wednesday. They were taken on Monday.

Impromtu Story & Twestival Pics

20 Feb

I wanted to post my knitting pictures today, but when I tried to upload them, my card reader wasn’t working.  😦

So here is a story I made up on a whim when my friend Jackie said “Work is super busy and I’m super irritated. Tell me a story.” Yes, it is autobiographical.

There once was a little girl who used to sneak downstairs and watch Letterman through the openings between the random boards that made a wall next to her stairs. Her favorite segments on Letterman were when he dropped things from the rooftop and told the temperature by whether or not an egg would cook on the sidewalk.

Many years passed, and that girl got a job in an office building that was located in an old mall. She had her own office, with a big window that looked out onto a hotel for low income housing. One cold, snowy winter day, she came into her office and was shocked at how hot it was! Could it be? Yes, the heater in her office was broken. That old building was up to it’s fowl tricks again! She tried to turn the heat down, but no luck! It just kept getting hotter.

This girl, being very patient in nature, decided to wait out the heat. The next day passed; still much too hot. And the day after that; still not fixed. Finally the third day came with this excruciating heat. And the little girl realized, with sadness in her heart, that should could probably cook an egg on her desk. Suddenly, that bit wasn’t as funny. THE END.

Jackie: u should have cooked an egg


Here are some photos from the Twestival.  You can see the rest here. I met LJC and a bunch of other people from the internet! Good time. 🙂

Haha Cheeseburger Dress

17 Feb

I know I said that I was going to post pictures of my current knitting project.  I have the pictures taken, I just don’t have time to edit them!  So, until then, here is a hilarious crocheted cheeseburger dress.

I don’t know why the creator calls it a hamburger dress though. It obviously has cheese!