More Thoughts on Watchmen

6 Mar

I generally see a movie, then gauge whether I thought it was good or bad, and that’s it. No more thought about the movie. But I was talking with my co-workers (who saw the movie with me) and they were SHOCKED that I liked it. So, I thought I should elaborate on my thoughts so you have some idea of what you’re going to see.  (Please note that this is not a list of why I liked the movie, lol, but things I didn’t really think about when I gave it my rating of “great.”)

  • This is not a superhero movie like Batman or Spiderman or something.  It is very dark, and there are a lot of politics involved.
  • That being said, this isn’t a movie for small children.  Or young teens for that matter.
  • There is a LOT of violence, and some of it was hard to watch.  Violence against women, against men, and even against animals.
  • The blue dude is naked for the entire movie.  Like, seriously.  He only wears a banana hammock during the 60’s flashbacks.  You see everything.
  • There is more or less a softcore sex scene.  This was really awkward to watch while sitting next to one of the program directors.
  • Some parts are slow, some are not.

I think those were the only critiques they had. Well, that and “They weren’t even superheros until the second half of the movie!”

What you have to consider when going to see this, is that it’s more a drama about people who happen to be superheros. It’s about personal identity, and how people see you. I liked that about it, and I liked how the political aspects relate to what’s going on in the world right now. Sure, Nixon is president in the movie, but if you look past that, it’s all the same stuff.

Also, Silk Spectre I has the best costume. If I can find a way to make a less-slutty, warmer version of her outfit, I know what I’m going to be for Halloween. Really, it’s just the length of the skirt I find objectionable.


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