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Guess who I met today?

27 Apr




My New Studio!

23 Apr

I got my studio all fixed up in time for my Insider photo shoot. And I love, love, LOVE how it came out. I played a little with the arrangement of furniture, and ended up taking out a chair, and I think it’s perfect. See those bags on the bulletin board? I hope to get those (except for the DARE one, that’s mine!) listed on etsy by the time my article gets published. See what happens when I set TIMELINES to things I want to get done? THEY HAPPEN, WHO WOULDA THUNK IT?

I have so much storage! I started neatly folding all of my fabric and wrapping the different prints around cardboard, and I think that helped fit more fabric into the bins I already have for them. I still have a little that doesn’t fit, but I guess that means I’ll just have to get my sewing machine fixed and start making stuff again, huh?

And I love that I can peek out into my back yard while I’m sewing. (Dune likes sitting on the drafting table and the desk and looking outside, so when I’m not using it, the sewing machine lives on the craft hutch. I sew at the desk otherwise though.)

So, what do you think of my space?

All moved!

22 Apr

Things are starting to settle down now that we’re in the new building. Everyone is in SUCH a better mood, it’s hilarious. The studios are still in the old building, so it can be a little awkward at times, but for the most part it’s great. And the views, wow! Look at this!

You can see a lot when you’re 17 floors up.

I also have a purple accent wall, but we’re not allowed to hang anything up yet, so it’s not very interesting. I have to get cracking this weekend on making my fake radio plaques to house my photos and autographs, since we can’t tape to the walls like we could in the old building.  I need to invest in some crappy records and some silver spray paint.  I’m not a fan of the gold.  Noooo thank you.

Vintage Photos on Ebay

17 Apr

Since John signed up for the army, I’ve been thinking about putting a little grouping of army photos on a wall in my house. There would be one of my grandfather, John in uniform (whenever I get one), his uncle Larry, and whoever else is in my family that was in the military. But I also thought it would be neat to find old photos online and include them too, just to make the section bigger. Here are some that I’ve found and want. Only $5 each!

Man and Woman Army – Foggy

Army Soldier, Man in Suit, Woman

Soviet tank crew uniform army Russia

Aren’t they charming? I was thinking of sprinkling them on the outside, and keeping the people who are in my family on the inside. Thoughts?

Things I heart on etsy

16 Apr

Aw, sadness. The code to show you the thumbnails of the items I like won’t work. 😦 And I can’t figure out why. Maybe wordpress is like livejournal in that it doesn’t support javascript or flash?

Well, here is what it would have looked like:

And now the links:

Sushi Plush [x] Sushi Bracelet [x] Sweater [x] Plush Mouse [x]

Camera Necklace [x] Sewing Necklace [x] Sewing Girl Print [x] Imagine Print [x]

Owl Girl Print [x] Birds Print [x] Beatles/Panda Love Print [x] Peace Print [x]

Couple Print [x] Earth Nurse Print [x] Pin Cushion Girl Print [x] Crafty Hero Print [x]

Twitter Follower Quilt

15 Apr

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It looks amazing outside…

14 Apr

… and I am stuck at work.  What’s worse, is that I am not even that busy.  As of right now, I only have one more thing to do today.  And I’m about half way done with it.  The emails are slow.

The streaks on the pics above are from the dirty Midtown Plaza window.  It’s not raining or anything.  Once my lunch break was over, I realized it would have been better spent by taking a walk, instead of catching up on my blogs in my office.

An office which is really dreary now since we’re moving later in the week. It’s not even my office. It’s the one next to mine. I had to move out of mine so the movers could transport my desk. *sigh*  I now work at a plywood table that makes me feel like I’m going to get a splinter at any moment.

Once good thing about the move is all the stuff they’re finding. I posted about the cool scrapbooking stuff they found a few days ago, and today I saw this darling little table by the dumpster where the sales cubicles used to be. I don’t know what I’m going to do with it, but it’s coming home with me today.  John will be so pleased.  (lol)

Today is a literal *headdesk* kind of day. :-/ Luckily, there isn’t much on TV tonight, so my evening should prove to be much more productive than my day.