Happy Monday!

13 Apr

Hope your weekend was a good one. Ours was fantastic. I didn’t get any work done on the craft room per say but I did get it moving along. How can that be? Well, I found an awesome posting on craigslist for 3 white bookshelves for $50 and snatched them up. It might have taken 3 trips, but it was totally worth it. And my photography appointment for the Insider is the 21st, so I gotta start cracking!

Sunday I caught up on dishes, did some minor cleaning, and then John and I went exercising. He is doing everything he can to get ready for boot camp, and is bringing me along for the ride. (kinda) He really just wants me to exercise more because I never do. The the weather was beautiful, even if it was a bit cold.

I have a little Easter village that I am waaay too proud of, and I set it up as the centerpiece of our dining room table.  When I called my family to wish them a happy Easter, I told my mom how I didn’t see any new houses in my Walgreens this year.  She couldn’t believe that, because she had seen a bunch at hers.  And then I thought about it, and last year I didn’t find any houses either; just the fountain and the tree!  Could it be that WNY Walgreens don’t SELL my Easter village houses?  The horror!  But, my mom saved the day.  She went to Walgreens, took a bunch of pics with her camera phone and sent them my way.  I picked out 9 (!) new houses that will be joining my village next time she comes to visit.  Thanks, Mom!

The little take-out boxes are what served as our Easter baskets.  We are trying not to eat a lot of sweets, and these filled up quite quickly, which was nice.

Dinner turned out really well. I got out the nice china and everything actually was cooked all around the same time! I’m usually terrible when it comes to that. I end up having to reheats sides or something, but not yesterday!

While we were eating, the kitties were gazing at our food eagerly. I ended up caving. Both Dune and Twilight got some Easter dinner too. They’re so spoiled. They even had little china plates, just like Mommy and Daddy.


2 Responses to “Happy Monday!”

  1. Charlene April 17, 2009 at 12:13 pm #

    Your Easter table was so beautiful. Love the retro china! That was a great buy!! The Easter village and your table tree were perfect! You have some houses I don’t! Envious! Are the daffodils in your yard? I miss daffodils!! The weekend weather sounds like it was wonderful. Wonderful weekend weather…ahh, alliteration abounds :-)x2


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