Things I would like to accomplish

8 May

I don’t have any recent pictures that could be related to this topic, so scattered throughout this entry will be cute pictures of my second cousin, who had her first communion last Sunday. I hope you don’t mind.

My friends have all been whisking me away during my nights so I don’t get lonely. I have plans to go to the Lilac Festival tonight, and on Saturday, Leah and I are garage sale-ing and going to a comedy club. Then, I will be attending a “Swine Flu themed” party, hilariously entitled “Hamdemic 2009: Aporkalypse Now!” So, a busy couple of days. Tonight, whenever I get home, I want to try cleaning a little bit. If no other room, then at least the kitchen. I haven’t done dishes in a loooong time. And laundry. It will be sad washing John’s clothes, knowing he won’t be wearing them for years…

But, back to the subject at hand. I plan on watching a lot less TV now that John is gone (although my TiVo Season Pass Manager begs to differ…) and have big plans on crafting, thrifting, and other things that I don’t normally do. I have budgeted myself $50 a month, starting in June, that I must spend either on the house, or myself.

I would like to make…

  • Plush dolls. I can only make really simple ones, and would love to be able to master some more 3 dimensional types.
  • Crochet flowers. Really, I would love to be able to crochet anything. I just can’t make sense out of the instructions I have.
  • A custom wordpress layout for a blog hosted over at Again, I cannot make heads or tails out of directions I’ve read. Because it’s an ugly mess, it is currently not linked from anywhere.
  • Those wooden doll houses I blogged about a while ago. But I’ll have to wait until my dad comes up so he can cut the wood for me. I didn’t get a chance to draw out what I wanted before John left. 😦
  • Some small, simple paintings. It’s been a while since I lifted a brush to something other than a wall.
  • The second curtain for the study. This would be the same second curtain that I never made for the living room in the townhouse…
  • I WANT TO MAKE A GARDEN. Not a single spring flower grew outside of my house this Spring! Summer will not repeat this.

Things I would like to buy…

  • Cute table cloths for my kitchen and dining room tables (maybe I’ll make these…)
  • Two corner hutches/cabinets for the corners in my dining room
  • Nice prints for my studio. I already have a bunch picked out on etsy.
  • Curtains for the bedroom. Right now I have unfinished yardage that is pinned together at the top to keep it from falling down… not acceptable.
  • Prints of all my wedding photos! Well, maybe not ALL of them, but I finally used my Bed Bath & Beyond gift card to buy a photo collage frame, so now I need to pick out photos that I want and get them printed!
  • THIS
  • and THIS couch OMG I want it so badly. BOUGHT!
  • And this, but I can’t justify the cost let alone the cost + shipping


One Response to “Things I would like to accomplish”

  1. Charlene May 8, 2009 at 7:15 pm #

    Julia has gotten SO BIG!!
    Who owns the BMW that she’s standing by?

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