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Why, Hello There…

29 Jun

Hi! I’ve been living life! And work has been super busy! I’ve taken photos for blog entries, but then never sat down to actually blog about those activities. I really need to find a way to squeeze blogging in, or else how am I supposed to keep this up when I have kids?? Maybe blogging at work isn’t the best idea…

Well, I still plan on sharing everything I meant to with you, but because I think its kinda dumb to have an entry about Memorial Day with an end-of-June post date, I’m going to fake blog.  That’s right, I’m faking it!  So look for blog entries, coming soon, about the following:

  • Memorial Day Weekend – Social
  • Memorial Day Weekend – Planting
  • Marya’s Aunt’s Yarn Shop in Jamesville
  • My Parent’s Visit – General
  • My Parent’s Visit – House
  • My Weekends (2) in Cicero
  • Sarah’s Goodbye Party
  • The Taste of Rochester Festival
  • Dave Coulier (Uncle Joey!!)
  • Whatever else I have on my camera that I’ve forgotten!

See?  I’ve been super busy!  The (kinda) sad thing about all that is that it’s all life stuff, with a little thrifting. My sewing machine was supposed to be fixed on the 19th, but they haven’t called me back yet. I’ll have to give them a ring tomorrow.  But yeah, I haven’t been crafting much.  😦  Once my machine is back at the house though, I hope to be making more stuff.

And, as always I do have my daily “photo” blog/note to John over here if you need a fix in between blog entries. I might not always get the picture up every day (fail) but I try to at least put a note on what picture to use. Which is more than I can say for this blog.

I’m sitting in on The Wease Show tomorrow to observe the show.  I’m hoping it results in some changes to my job description!  Nothing on air, but changes nevertheless!  Talk to you guys soon!