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Dune vs. the Vet

29 Jul

Dune had a vet appointment today and he was not too pleased about it. Frankly, neither was I, but his ear really needed to be looked at. More details (maybe) once I talk to John tonight.


Bench Monday!

27 Jul

I’ve never done one of these, and I haven’t upgraded my flicker account, so I guess I can’t really participate, but I took a Bench Monday photo. Maybe this will encourage me to upgrade?

I saw this table/chair/set last week and was like OH! I have to do a bench Monday now! You don’t have to take the picture on a Monday, do you?


23 Jul

My garage door is broken. This picture doesn’t show it well, because I had already started working on it when I decided to take pictures of the whole thing, but the roller on one side came off the track. It looked easy enough to fix, so I got a wrench and took off the thing that holds on the roller, put the roller back on the track, and reattached the holder to the door.

I thought I was set! I sat in my car, fully prepared to be super proud of myself, and I pushed the garage door button to close the door so I could go to work.

The door came down crooked. Ut-oh! So I stopped it, sent it back up, and now almost ALL of the rollers on the other side of the door look like they’re going to fall off. They were fine when I made my fix. It’s scary looking.

The repair man will be here between one and three. Looks like I’m working from home today!


21 Jul

The weather was crappy, and I couldn’t mow the lawn. So, I went to Walmart and picked up a cheap canvas and started painting. The sky outside was my inspiration. It’s not done yet… Tomorrow I am going to paint some kind of silhouette in black over it. I think trees would make the most sense. Thoughts?

Not too bad, considering I haven’t picked up a paint brush that wasn’t intended for walls since 2005. I think I blended the two greys pretty well.  I was going for a swirly cloud look.  I don’t think the above is the way it’s going to end up facing.

Is it Slander if it’s True?

20 Jul

I want my sewing machine fixed nooooooooooow. Dr. Carl, you said it would be done June 19th… it’s now July 20th. Why did the woman tell me you would do it first thing in the morning when I called just now.

I want to sew thiiiiings.

Best Birthday Present EVER.

15 Jul

I got to see John today. Georgia is really freaking hot. Ugh. 😦  Haha check out those specs though!

Oh, and for the record, he thought the photoshoped mockup of the army wife outfit was cute. *shrugs* Oh well, maybe in the future. I seriously doubt ANYONE would have noticed my outfit today except John. People were not paying attention to me, for obvious reasons.

PS: Just so you know he knows, John is aware of aaaaaall the things wrong with his uniform in that top picture. (It’s missing the tie, he didn’t put any of his medals on the jacket, etc.) I said that it was fine and no one would know, so just go stand over there. Except now you all know. Oh well!


9 Jul

I miss John like crazy today. Someone put these flowers in my office after the party yesterday. We had these flowers in our wedding. GAH. Tuesday get here already. Then Wednesday. SIGH.