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Silly Mood

28 Aug

Tee-hee, I match the parking garage stairwell floor today.


Yard Talk

26 Aug

I could have split this into a bunch of different posts… but I’m not going to. One of my neighbors brought over a bunch of raspberry bushes. Such a sweet old lady. When I finally planted them, I hoped for the best. I noticed that there was a teeny bit of tree stump left in the area I wanted to plant the raspberry bush in, so I just planed the little guys around it.

The smallest of the plants are starting to wither up though. I don’t know if I waited too long to plant them, or if it’s the tree stump that’s the cause, or if they just don’t like the dirt I put them in. I try to water them… maybe I’m over watering them? I don’t know. The larger ones seem fine. :-/

On the bright side though, yesterday, I noticed that my cherry tomato plant had a couple red tomatoes on it! Awesome! I meant to pick them yesterday, but forgot. Tonight, I guess.

In other yard work news, I spent a good part of the summer cleaning up the plants that were already in my yard. I trimmed the hedges on all sides of my house, and dug up the broken lights on the front right side. (I haven’t gotten to the front left side yet.) I don’t know how to fully get rid of them though… they aren’t plugged in like normal; there is just a box on the side of my house. *sigh*

I am wondering if it’s possible to trim shrubs too closely… patches of some of mine are turning brown. It’s really weird and not what I wanted.

For two weeks, on Friday, (but not last Friday) someone would come and mow my lawn! It was the weirdest thing! My lawn wasn’t over grown or anything… In fact, the days they mowed were the same days I had planned to mow.

I actually came home from work the second Friday to mow, instead of just going out with friends after work, and was almost upset that it was mowed. Just because I came all the way home for nothing. But that was dumb, so instead of being mad, I made a thank you sign at the end of my driveway with sidewalk chalk that wound up in my backyard somehow.

And I think that catches me up on all yard-related updates.  Some of the flowers I planted over Memorial Day weekend have died by now, so I am contemplating buying some replacement flowers.  But it might be too late in the summer at this point.  Thoughts?

“Home” Banner

25 Aug

I don’t have any finished pictures, because the ones I took didn’t come out, and Marya hasn’t hung it up yet, but here is the banner I made for my friend Marya’s housewarming party. Dune helped.

I did quite a bit of hand sewing on this, which probably wasn’t a good idea just for time’s sake. But I eventually did break in my sewing machine. It is still noisy, but very happy to be home.

This is the closest I have to an “after” shot. The more or less before/after combo of the above images. Marya really liked it, which was awesome. I was pretty please with how it came out too. What do you think?

Free Swatch Day!

20 Aug

Today, Spoonflower is having a free swatch day, where you can upload two of your designs and have them printed on 8×8 fabric! I designed these two dolls (and the little mini ones so I didn’t waste any fabric) and am very excited to see how they come out!

I’m thinking of entering at least one of them into the Momiji Couture Contest. Hopefully they’ll come out and be adorable. 😀

Bench Monday – 08.17.09

17 Aug

This was taken at the Kickin’ for Kids charity kickball game on Saturday.  This weekend was crazy! And the past few weeks have been too. But, the promotions girl is back from her 3.5 week vacation, so hopefully work-life will return to it’s normal pace.

See you soon!

Dune Update

5 Aug

Dune’s surgery was successful, and I was able to pick him up after work. The vet put him in a carrying box, and when we got to the car, I opened it up so Dune could see out. I thought he would be all groggy from the medicine, but he started to poke his head out, and eventually tried to get out, so I had to close the box back up.

When we got home, he seemed pretty normal. Maybe a little sluggish, but he was roaming around the house the same, and was very eager to eat dinner. Twilight was so freaked out by him that she didn’t even try to eat first. She just wanted to check out his stitches, which kinda pissed Dune off.

Twilight was a very good big sister though, and would follow him around the house; keeping an eye on him. Seriously, wherever he was… she was there. It was hilarious.

“MOMMY! What happened to Dune?”

“Oh, well he lost his will to live, sweetie. He’ll be ok though.”

That cone didn’t last very long. Just as I was about to fall asleep, Dune decided he was done with it and started to thrash around. His movements began to affect his neck stitches, so I took the cone off. I went home over lunch today to check on him, and everything looked fine. Such a good boy!

New Norman Rockwell Prints

4 Aug

I won an auction on ebay for a set of 4 wooden plaques with Norman Rockwell prints on them, and they came on Friday. So on Sunday, I hung them up in the kitchen.

LOVE!  LOL, can you guess which ones are new?

PS: Update on Dune tomorrow!