Thrifting Buddy Needed!

18 Sep

I am on the hunt for a formal dress for John’s OCS formal! I would like something unique, and not crazy expensive. So I’m thinking of finding something used, and maybe altering it? Or maybe not if it’s awesome to begin with.

So I did some research and found these places to look:

Thrift Stores

  • Salvation Army – opens @ 9:00
    535 East Ridge Road & 745 West Avenue
  • Goodwill – opens @ 10am
    376 Jefferson Road & 1518 West Ridge Road & 451 South Clinton Avenue
  • Thrifty Shopper – opens @ 9:00
    400 Jefferson Rd
  • Volunteers of America – opens @ 9:00
    214 Lake Ave. & 89 Canal St.
  • Second Season Clothing (Even though they advertise on PXY, blech!) – opens @ 10:00
    1555 Mt. Hope Ave – haha I found you online not through radio suckas

Estate Sales

  • 321 Cedar Place in East Rochester 10am
  • 1226 Stafford Cresent in Webster 9am to 3pm
  • 12 Foxtail Lane in North Chili 10am-5pm
  • 80 Sandbury Drive in Pittsford 8am-2pm
  • 2981 Mt. Read Blvd. in Rochester 9am-5pm – numbers given out at 8am (!)

So… anyone want to go with me??  If you do, leave me a comment and I’ll email you tomorrow.


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