To-Do List

8 Nov

John’s back in South Carolina, but so you guys don’t think I’m slacking, here is what I’m working on while not blogging, lol.

-General household chores (dishes, laundry, vacuuming, etc.). This is actually really hard with a puppy around!

-Working on my doll for the Momiji Couture Doll contest entry because the deadline was extended due to the UK postal strike. I doubt I’ll win, because I don’t think I’m very “couture” but I took the deadline changing as a sign to get back to working on it! (Sorry for the crappy webcam photo.)

– A present for a friend who reads this blog. I have a good deal of it done, but my end date is coming up way too soon!!! No hints though, sorry!

If I thought doing household chores was hard with a puppy, crafting is worse! She wants to eat EVERYTHING! I keep having to say “No, not a toy. No, no bite. No, No, NOOOO.” when I see that little mouth come close.

– Thrifting! Just clothes for the winter months, but yesterday I got a knitted (not by hand) vest, a couple really nice name brand sweaters, a stripped shirt that makes me feel French, and couple pairs of pants. I want to say I spent around $26 for all of it. Win! I’ll try to do a post about them later. They need to be washed and ironed, and one of the sweaters needs new buttons.

Does anyone know about these? My mom said that if the black is longer or the brown is longer that it’s supposed to say whether or not it’s going to be a long winter, but she couldn’t remember which color was supposed to be longer. Or something like that. Does anyone out there know what she’s talking about?


One Response to “To-Do List”

  1. Charlene November 8, 2009 at 1:26 pm #

    Judging by the size of the brown area on YOUR caterpillar, the Rochester Winter will be MILD. Let’s see if it turns out to be so! 🙂

    Found this online from a Pennsylvania professor. The 411 on the Wooly Bear Catepillar:

    A “Wooly Bear” caterpillar is black at both ends and has one reddish brown stripe in the middle.

    Many people believe the wooly bear caterpillar can be used to forecast how the winter will be severe or mild. Wooly Bear caterpillars are in the United States and Canada and can be seen between May and October.

    People believe if the wooly bear’s brown stripe is thick, the winter weather will be mild. If it is narrow the winter will be severe.

    Some experiments have shown the color bands may tell where the caterpillar grew up. Wide black bands the caterpillar was living in wet conditions.Wide brown the caterpillar was living in dry conditions.

    The color may also show how near to an adult the caterpillar is. Fall weather signals the wooly caterpillar to seek shelter.

    In past year farmers thought the wooly bear can predict weather. Many people still think the wooly bear can predict the weather.

    BTW…GREAT photo of you and Kip!!!

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