Grandma’s Sewing Machine

3 Dec

Today I was going to write about my grandmother’s sewing machine that my dad refinished for me. But I’m way too tired to right now. So, this is a place holder for tomorrow when I’ll write about it. And take nice pictures in the sunlight instead of yellowed ones at night.

Still counts as an entry for today though… right?

When my family and I were packing up my grandparent’s house after my grandfather passed on, we brought back various pieces of furniture with us.  One of these items was my grandmother’s sewing machine.

It’s (not surprisingly) one of those old ones where the sewing machine sits inside of the table, and you can flip open the top to get the sewing machine out. Despite it’s age though, it was in great condition.

It still works too, even though I am not good at getting it started. You have to spin the rubber band thing one way and move the foot petal the other way… and that is just way too much coordination for me to handle. I like just knowing that it could work if I needed it to, lol.

My dad worked for a long time restoring it back to it’s original beauty. He wasn’t sure if he should at first, because it was an antique and all, but when he looked them up online, he saw that they weren’t selling for much, so he figured why not. It’s not like we’ll be selling it any time soon anyway.

It even has all the old stuff that my grandmother left in it!  I kept trying to get a good shot of the drawer, and Kipp kept trying to play with me.  Silly puppy.


2 Responses to “Grandma’s Sewing Machine”

  1. aika-pyon December 17, 2009 at 11:27 am #

    You’re very beautiful. 😉

    • sillypanda December 29, 2009 at 3:44 pm #

      Um, thanks. What’s your user name on Gaia? aika-pyon didn’t come up in the search…

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