Handmade Nation

4 Dec

Today my friend Marya and I went to see second storie’s showing of Handmade Nation tonight! I wanted to see the original Rochester screening with the panel of speakers, but I completely forgot. 😦 But at least I got to see it!

It was so good. Some of the shaky camera work made me a little ill (I get motion sickness VERY easily) but it didn’t stop me from enjoying the movie! It pretty much validated everything about how I want to live my life. Now if only I could get John to watch it and appreciate everything about it. Heh, that’ll never happen. He doesn’t even understand going to the farmer’s market!

Before the movie we had some time to kill, so we went to Taco John’s. I had never been there before, and it is SO CUTE! Oh man. But it’s really small. We got there just in time, because once we had ordered, a crazy long line formed! Marya said that she had never been there on a Friday night, and I’m guessing that’s why. But the food was delish, and we came home with TONS of leftovers. That pic is just the left overs. I KNOW!


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