Thanksgiving Recap: Friendsgiving

7 Dec

Ok, so it’s Daily December minus weekends.  I don’t like blogging on weekends.

Today and tomorrow I’m going to recap Thanksgiving since I didn’t blog about them in November.  Today’s entry is about Friendsgiving, which is the annual Thanksgiving-esque party that my friends have.  Each year has a theme, and this year was “Ugly Sweaters.”  Actually, now that I think about it, Friendsgiving is EXACTLY like Thanksgiving, just with a theme and not on Thanksgiving.

This picture was taken by Laurie. Not many of mine came out. I don’t know why… I guess I just wasn’t trying very hard.  But it shows you some of the ugly sweaters present, and how Matt & Dan copped out and wore normal sweaters. CHICKENS. I bought mine from a thrift store the night before.  I chose it out of all the other ugly sweaters because it was hand knit.  It even had one of those grandma tags in it.  Someone made that monstrosity with a lot of love.

My fav of my crappy pictures were the ones of Jason goofing off in my sweater. See, I washed my sweater the night before and hung it up to dry. I thought it would be dry by the next evening, but it wasn’t. It was actually still kinda soaked. Mind boggling. But I wore it anyway. And it was actually fine for most of the party. The house was warm because of all the cooking and people moving around. But after dinner, when the windows were opened (because everyone else was hot due to their thick DRY sweaters) I got cold. So I took off my ugly sweater and put another (regular) one on. Next thing you know, Jason is wearing my sweater and mocking Alex, who fell asleep.  Oh, and in case you are wondering, YES THAT IS YARN FRINGE ON MY SWEATER.

Night-night, Alex!


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